Monday, July 15, 2024

a Successful Case Study Crafting Evidence Based Value Messages for Market Dominance

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Navigating the complex landscape of market access is no small feat, especially when faced with stiff competition and limited resources. The MTRC (Market Access & Health Economics Research Center) is offering an anonymized glimpse into their projects in the fields of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and market access to inspire clients seeking innovative solutions.

One recent success story centers on the rapid development of value messages to bolster positioning and marketing endeavors. A multinational corporation in the gynecology sector, grappling with rising competition from me-too products, turned to MTRC for evidence-based value statements to set its flagship product apart from emerging rivals.

MTRC embarked on a comprehensive project, led by a team of three Global Directors of Reimbursement and Market Access on the client’s side. The project’s focal point was a meticulous literature review, assessing the efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness of the product.

The search involved a deep dive into Medline and Medline In-Process, unearthing a systematic literature review from the mid-2000s with numerous randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Additional efforts were invested in identifying newer RCTs for the target product, emphasizing RCTs as the gold standard for effectiveness and safety. Despite an abundance of observational studies, the focus remained on RCTs. The quest for cost and cost-effectiveness studies proved challenging, yielding only a handful of pertinent studies.

The culmination of this endeavor was a comprehensive 50-page report, distilling evidence-based value statements comparing the target product against individual competitors. Remarkably, the entire project was accomplished within a tight six-week timeline.

The insights proved instrumental in reshaping the product’s positioning within the company’s marketing materials, illustrating the tangible impact of evidence-based strategies in the realm of market access.

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