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Advanced Cell Harvesting Device for Burn and Wound Care: FDA Approves Avita Medical’s Recell GO

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Cell harvesting device from Avita Medical’s next-generation autologous cell harvesting device, the Recell GO System, has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This innovative system is designed to treat thermal burn wounds and full-thickness skin defects by harnessing the regenerative properties of the patient’s skin cells. Cell harvesting device, the Recell GO System, introduces several enhanced features that streamline the preparation of spray-on skin cells. These improvements significantly reduce the training burden on medical staff and improve overall workflow efficiency. By optimizing cell yield and viability through precise control of the Recell Enzyme incubation time, the device ensures consistent and quality care delivery.

Jim Corbett, Avita Medical’s CEO, emphasized the transformative potential of the Recell GO System: “FDA approval of Recell GO marks a paradigm shift in the treatment of partial-thickness and full-thickness wounds. By streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency, clinicians can now treat a greater number of patients and more broadly experience the proven benefits of Recell technology. We believe that this transformative shift will empower more clinicians to achieve optimal outcomes for their patients, driving greater adoption, and fundamentally redefining wound care management. It’s GO time for a new era in wound care.”

Avita Medical plans to launch the cell harvesting device in leading U.S. burn treatment centers next month, with a gradual rollout to other existing accounts throughout the year. The system aims to promote skin healing in various applications, including full-thickness skin defects, burns, and vitiligo. In addition to the U.S. launch, Avita Medical has signed an agreement with PolyMedics Innovations. Under this agreement, PolyMedics Innovations will serve as the exclusive distributor for Recell in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with the option for future expansion into other European markets. This partnership is expected to extend the reach of the cell harvesting device and enhance its adoption in international markets.

Advancing Wound Care with Efficient Cell Harvesting and User-Friendly Design

The Recell GO System’s ability to treat thermal burn wounds and full-thickness skin defects is rooted in its capacity to harness the skin’s regenerative properties. The device simplifies the preparation process for spray-on skin cells, which is crucial for treating extensive burns and skin injuries. By improving the efficiency of cell preparation, the system ensures that medical staff can provide timely and effective treatment, reducing the overall burden on healthcare facilities.

The system’s design also focuses on improving the user interface, making it easier for medical teams to operate. This user-friendly approach is intended to facilitate the widespread adoption of the cell harvesting device in various clinical settings, enhancing the overall quality of care provided to patients.

The FDA’s approval of the Recell GO System represents a significant advancement in wound care management. The device’s ability to improve operational efficiency and treatment outcomes aligns with the broader goals of modern healthcare, which prioritize patient-centered approaches and the use of innovative technologies to enhance care delivery.

Cell Harvesting Device

Advanced Cell Harvesting Device to Transform Severe Skin Injury Treatment

By providing a reliable and efficient method for harvesting and applying autologous skin cells, the cell harvesting device addresses a critical need in the treatment of severe skin injuries. Its deployment in leading burn treatment centers and subsequent rollout to other facilities are expected to set a new standard in wound care management, offering hope and improved outcomes for patients with severe skin injuries.

The FDA approval of the Recell GO System marks a milestone for Avita Medical and the field of wound care management. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the system is poised to revolutionize the treatment of thermal burn wounds and full-thickness skin defects. As Avita Medical prepares for its U.S. launch and expands its presence in international markets, the Recell GO System is set to make a significant impact on patient care and recovery, driving forward a new era in wound care management.

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Resource: Avita Medical, May 30, 2024

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