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Algeria and Tunisia Collaborate to Strengthen Pharmaceutical Industry

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Algeria and Tunisia have taken a significant step towards enhancing their pharmaceutical industry by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement, resulting from a meeting between Algeria’s Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, and Tunisia’s Minister of Health, Ali Mrabet, focuses on cooperation in pharmaceutical manufacturing and regulation.

The primary objectives of this collaboration are to increase the availability of high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical products, reduce reliance on imported medicines, and cultivate a robust pharmaceutical industry within both nations. To achieve these goals, both ministers have emphasized the need for intensified efforts and coordination in managing and producing pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Forces to Boost the Pharmaceutical Industry and Foster Bilateral Relations

This landmark agreement underscores Algeria and Tunisia’s commitment to achieving self-sufficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, ultimately benefitting their respective healthcare systems and economies. The news of this collaboration was reported by ‘El Nahar Al Jadid,’ an independent daily newspaper in Algeria, encouraging readers to download the newspaper’s app for more details and providing a contact email for inquiries about the MoU.

In summary, the MoU between Algeria and Tunisia signifies a significant step towards strengthening their pharmaceutical industries, fostering a closer working relationship, and potentially leading to future collaborations in various sectors beyond pharmaceuticals.


Resource: Dzair Tube, December 07, 2023

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