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Argenx’s Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Treatment on Fast Track for FDA Approval

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing Argenx’s Vyvgart Hytrulo (efgartigimod alfa) for its potential application in treating chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), with a decision expected by June. This comes as a significant development for Argenx, aiming to reverse recent setbacks by securing approval for Vyvgart Hytrulo in a new therapeutic area.

CIDP, a rare autoimmune disorder, impacts the peripheral nervous system, manifesting in symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, and sensory loss, which can lead to debilitating disability. Currently, treatment options for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy are limited to corticosteroids, high-dose intravenous immune globulins, or plasmapheresis, all of which focus on managing symptoms rather than targeting the disease’s underlying causes.

The FDA’s priority review of Vyvgart Hytrulo, initiated with the aid of a priority review voucher (PRV), underscores the significant potential impact of this treatment on chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy management. The PRV is a strategic tool employed by Argenx to expedite the review process, reflecting the high stakes involved in expanding the drug’s approved uses. The decision to pursue a priority review also highlights the urgency and need for innovative treatment options in the realm of autoimmune diseases, particularly for conditions like chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy that lack targeted therapies.

FDA Accelerates Review of Vyvgart Hytrulo for Demyelinating Polyneuropathy with Priority Voucher

Vyvgart Hytrulo’s candidacy for CIDP treatment is bolstered by the results of the ADHERE trial, which met its primary endpoint by demonstrating a 61% reduction in the risk of relapse compared to placebo. This pivotal trial provides a strong foundation for the drug’s potential approval, offering a new direction in CIDP treatment that could significantly benefit patients.

Beyond CIDP, Vyvgart Hytrulo has already made its mark in treating generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG), contributing to Argenx’s $1.2 billion in sales last year. The drug’s subcutaneous formulation, Vyvgart Hytrulo, promises to enhance patient convenience and adherence by offering a once-weekly, quick injection as opposed to the longer, clinic-based intravenous infusions required for its IV counterpart. This innovation not only improves the treatment experience for patients but also positions Argenx to strengthen its product’s competitive edge in the market.

The impending FDA review of Argenx’s Vyvgart Hytrulo for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) marks a pivotal moment in autoimmune disease treatment. With a decision expected by June, this innovative therapy, if approved, could become the first in its class to treat CIDP, offering a novel approach beyond traditional treatments like corticosteroids and immune globulin.

Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

FDA Review of Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Therapy Signals Milestone in Autoimmune Disease Treatment

The urgency of introducing new treatments for CIDP, a condition that significantly impairs quality of life through muscle weakness and sensory loss, is underscored by Argenx’s use of a priority review voucher to expedite the review process. This reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the unmet needs of patients with rare autoimmune diseases.

The ADHERE trial’s promising results, showing a 61% reduction in relapse risk with Vyvgart Hytrulo, highlight its potential as a significant advancement in CIDP management. Luc Truyen, Chief Medical Officer at Argenx, emphasizes the FDA’s sBLA acceptance as a critical milestone for the CIDP community, offering new treatment possibilities and hope for those affected by this challenging condition.

This anticipated approval could not only transform CIDP treatment by providing a targeted therapy option but also stimulate further research into autoimmune diseases, potentially leading to more innovative treatments. As the healthcare community and patients eagerly await the FDA’s decision, the potential of Vyvgart Hytrulo symbolizes a new era in the management of autoimmune conditions, promising improved outcomes for patients with CIDP.


Resource: Pharmaphorum, February 20, 2024

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