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Assessing the Value of Precision Medicine: Heterogeneity, Findings, and Recommendations

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A recent study has endeavored to quantify the heterogeneity in the value for money of precision medicine (PM) across different applications, contexts, and conditions. The research also aimed to identify sources of heterogeneity and particular areas of promise or concern as the field of precision medicine advances.

The study performed a systematic search across multiple databases, including Embase, Medline, EconLit, and CRD, for studies published between 2011 and 2021 that focused on cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of PM interventions. The net monetary benefit (NMB) of PM was pooled using random-effects meta-analyses, with a willingness-to-pay threshold of one-time GDP per capita of each study country. The researchers also examined sources of heterogeneity and study biases using random-effects meta-regressions, jackknife sensitivity analysis, and a checklist for biases in economic studies.

Precision Medicine

Public vs. Commercial Perspectives and the Path Forward on Precision Medicine

The research found that among the 275 unique CEAs of precision medicine, publicly sponsored studies did not generally find genetic testing or gene therapy to be cost-effective. These findings contradicted studies funded by commercial entities and early-stage evaluations. Evidence of cost-effectiveness was concentrated in genetic tests for screening, diagnosis, or companion diagnostics. It was also found that multigene panel testing, which is only applied to a few disease areas such as cancer and in high-income countries, was cost-effective.

The study concluded that determining the value for money of precision medicine across different applications and contexts is complex due to potential systematic biases in published studies. To enable more meaningful comparisons, the study recommends conducting and reporting cost-effectiveness analysis of precision medicine on a local basis and standardizing the process.


Original Article DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2023.1151504

Original title: Mapping the value for money of precision medicine: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

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