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Baloxavir Marboxil Proves Cost-Effective Against Influenza

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Baloxavir marboxil, an oral, single-dose medication, demonstrates significant efficacy in reducing influenza symptoms and halting viral shedding swiftly. A new study employs a susceptible, exposed, infected, recovered (SEIR) model to assess the cost-effectiveness of baloxavir compared to oseltamivir or no antiviral treatment within the UK. This research provides valuable insights for public health strategies, especially in managing seasonal and pandemic influenza scenarios.

Study Design and Methods

Researchers developed the SEIR model to estimate influenza attack rates among both healthy and high-risk individuals in various settings. This model fed into a cost-effectiveness model (CEM) that assumed a certain percentage of infected individuals would receive antiviral treatment. The results were presented at a population level, specifically per 10,000 individuals at risk of infection.

In seasonal settings, the SEIR model demonstrated that baloxavir significantly reduced infection rates. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs) for baloxavir were £1884 per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) gained compared to oseltamivir and showed a dominant cost-effectiveness position compared to no antiviral treatment in the overall population. Among high-risk individuals, ICERs were £2574/QALY versus oseltamivir and £128/QALY versus no antiviral treatment.

Results and Implications

In addition to its efficacy in seasonal settings, baloxavir also proved to be cost-effective during pandemics, reducing health system occupancy concerns. The treatment showed superiority over oseltamivir and no antiviral treatment, resulting in fewer influenza cases from the perspective of the UK National Health Service.

The study underscores the potential of baloxavir to improve public health outcomes and manage healthcare costs effectively. The reduced number of infections and associated healthcare interventions highlight the strategic importance of incorporating baloxavir into influenza treatment protocols.

Key Takeaways for Health Policy

– Baloxavir marboxil is highly effective in reducing the duration of influenza symptoms and viral shedding.
– The SEIR model indicates that baloxavir leads to fewer influenza cases compared to oseltamivir and no treatment.
– From an economic perspective, baloxavir is cost-effective, particularly in high-risk populations and during pandemics.
– Baloxavir’s use can alleviate health system burdens by reducing the number of severe influenza cases requiring medical attention.
– These findings support the inclusion of baloxavir in national influenza treatment guidelines.

Baloxavir treatment emerges as a robust strategy for managing influenza, offering both clinical efficacy and economic benefits. This study provides a compelling case for public health authorities to consider baloxavir as a frontline treatment against seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Original Article: Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res. 2024 Jun 8. doi: 10.1080/14737167.2024.2365421. Online ahead of print.

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