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Boosting Adult Mental Health and Youth Care Collaboration: Six New Pilot Projects for Family-Centered Support

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Adult mental health and youth care collaboration is crucial for providing comprehensive support to children, young people, and their parents, according to a report by ZonMw (ZorgOnderzoek Nederland and Medical Sciences). However, seamless connections between these healthcare organizations are not always the norm. To address this gap, six pilot projects have been initiated to explore and strengthen this collaboration.

In many cases, children receiving youth care have parents with psychological issues. For these children to receive proper care, it is essential to address the mental health problems of their parents. Similarly, parents undergoing treatment in adult mental health care need support to fulfill their parental roles effectively. Despite this clear need, collaboration between adult mental health care and youth care organizations is often lacking.

Six pilot projects have recently been launched to experiment with and strengthen the collaboration between youth care and adult mental health care. These pilots cover a broad spectrum of care scenarios, from maternity care to youth protection, domestic violence, and case studies involving children of parents with psychological problems (KOPP).

Details of Six Pilot Projects Enhancing Adult Mental Health and Youth Care Collaboration

Here are the details of these pilots:

  • Strong Together at the Start: This project focuses on integrating interventions from adult mental health care and youth care in perinatal psychiatry. It is a prospective study aimed at creating synergy through combined efforts.
  • Applied Research in Youth Protection West and Crisis Intervention Team: This research investigates effective elements of using adult mental health expertise to improve the outcomes of youth care services in the Haaglanden region.
  • Family in Focus: Aimed at providing comprehensive family-centered care.
  • SaFe Home (Leiden): This partnership focuses on treating family violence within the domestic environment.
  • Together for Complex Families: This pilot aims to develop an integrated treatment approach for both parents and children, building on successful case consultations.
  • Connect2Grow-Up: This project involves screening, monitoring, and creating a care network for families where parents suffer from psychopathology.

To enhance coherence among these pilots, an overarching action research project titled “Improving Lives Together” has been initiated. This research aims to derive lessons on effective collaboration and share these insights broadly. Additionally, a recently awarded extension to this research aims to create stronger connections with the Future Scenario for Child and Family Protection testing grounds and strengthens the research with action research into the use of explanatory analysis.

Mental Health

Family-Centered Care Pilots Aim to Enhance Collaboration Between Youth and Adult Mental Health Services

The family-centered approach taken by these pilots underscores the importance of addressing the needs of both children and their parents. By ensuring that parents receive the mental health care they need, these projects aim to create a stable and supportive environment for children. Effective collaboration between youth care and adult mental health care services can lead to better outcomes for families as a whole.

The primary goal of these pilots is to develop models of effective collaboration that can be scaled up and implemented more broadly. By experimenting with different approaches and learning from these experiences, the pilots aim to identify best practices that can be adopted by healthcare organizations nationwide. The ultimate expectation is that these efforts will lead to more integrated and effective care for families, reducing the burden of psychological issues and improving overall well-being.

The initiation of these six pilot projects marks a significant step towards enhancing collaboration between youth care and adult mental health services. By focusing on family-centered care and addressing the mental health needs of both children and parents, these pilots aim to create a more cohesive and effective healthcare system. The overarching research project will ensure that the lessons learned from these pilots are shared and implemented broadly, contributing to better health outcomes for families across the country.

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Resource: ZorgOnderzoek Nederland and Medical Sciences, May 17, 2024

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