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Boston Scientific Recalls Over 1 Million Angiographic Catheters Due to Safety Concerns

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Boston Scientific has issued a recall for over 1 million angiographic catheters distributed globally, following an uptick in complaints regarding difficulties advancing the guidewire through the device’s internal channel. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement report dated May 10 highlighted evidence of the catheter’s polyurethane layer separating, with instances of material detachment from the inner lining. Initiated on March 21, Boston Scientific’s angiographic catheters recall aims to address potential safety risks associated with these issues. The FDA has classified this angiographic catheters recall as a Class I event, indicating the most serious level of concern.

Boston Scientific’s response to the angiographic catheters recall underscores its commitment to prioritizing patient safety and ensuring the integrity of its medical devices. Urging hospitals to discontinue the use of the affected angiographic catheters and expedite their return reflects the company’s proactive approach to addressing potential risks associated with these angiographic catheters. By swiftly initiating this recall, Boston Scientific aims to minimize any potential harm or complications that may arise from continued use of the angiographic catheters.

While reassuring patients who have already undergone treatment with the device that they face no immediate risk, Boston Scientific recognizes the importance of mitigating any potential future risks. To this end, physicians have been provided with comprehensive guidance on the appropriate procedures for returning unused catheters that may be impacted by the identified issues. This proactive measure not only ensures patient safety but also facilitates the smooth and efficient management of the angiographic catheters recall process.

Boston Scientific Ensures Patient Safety with Transparent Recall of Angiographic Catheters

Boston Scientific’s transparent communication and collaboration with healthcare providers highlight its dedication to fostering trust and confidence in the medical community. By openly acknowledging the existence of these issues and providing clear instructions for action, the company demonstrates its commitment to accountability and accountability in the face of safety concerns. This collaborative approach also enables healthcare professionals to effectively navigate the recall process and take necessary steps to safeguard patient well-being.

Overall, Boston Scientific’s response to the angiographic catheters recall reflects its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in the development and distribution of medical devices. Through proactive measures and transparent communication, the company aims to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care while maintaining public trust in its angiographic catheters.

The recalled devices specifically pertain to Expo 5Fr Angiographic Catheters utilized for diagnostic purposes in percutaneous coronary intervention procedures. Boston Scientific’s internal investigation revealed evidence of the catheter’s inner polymer layer separating from other layers, with instances of material detachment observed within the device itself. While no reports of patient harm have been received to date, Boston Scientific has acknowledged the possibility of serious adverse health consequences, albeit unlikely, such as stroke or myocardial infarction resulting from embolization of detached material.

Angiographic Catheter

Boston Scientific’s Proactive Approach Highlights Commitment to Patient Safety and Quality

Boston Scientific’s proactive approach to addressing these safety concerns reflects its unwavering dedication to prioritizing patient safety and upholding the highest standards of quality in medical device manufacturing. By promptly identifying and responding to potential risks associated with its products, the company demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the well-being of patients.

Furthermore, Boston Scientific’s collaboration with regulatory authorities and healthcare providers underscores the importance of partnership and cooperation in the healthcare industry. By working closely with regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals, the company can leverage collective expertise and resources to effectively address safety issues and implement appropriate corrective actions. This collaborative approach enables Boston Scientific to stay informed of emerging safety concerns and take swift action to mitigate risks.

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Boston Scientific Prioritizes Safety with Transparent Communication and Efficient Recall Management

Effective communication is key to Boston Scientific’s approach to managing safety concerns and recalls. By maintaining open and transparent communication channels with stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, and regulatory authorities, the company ensures that relevant information is disseminated promptly. This proactive communication helps to build trust and confidence in Boston Scientific’s commitment to safety and quality, while also empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions about patient care.

Transparent management of the recall process is another critical aspect of Boston Scientific’s approach to addressing safety concerns. By providing clear and detailed instructions for healthcare providers on how to identify and return affected devices, the company facilitates the smooth and efficient management of the recall process. This proactive measure helps to minimize disruptions in patient care and ensures that potentially impacted devices are removed from circulation promptly.

Overall, Boston Scientific’s proactive approach to addressing safety concerns demonstrates its ongoing commitment to patient safety and quality. Through collaboration, communication, and transparent management of the recall process, the company aims to uphold public trust and confidence in the safety and efficacy of its products, ultimately ensuring the well-being of patients worldwide.


Resource: Food and Drug Administration, May 10, 2024

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