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Cancer Treatments Advanced by Sibylla Biotech and MD Anderson Collaboration

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In a groundbreaking initiative, Sibylla Biotech and MD Anderson Cancer Center have embarked on a collaborative mission to develop novel cancer treatments. This partnership aims to harness innovative technology and unparalleled expertise to create impactful therapies for cancer patients. The collaboration leverages Sibylla’s advanced Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediates Targeting (PPI-FIT) technology, alongside MD Anderson’s extensive drug development capabilities, to push the boundaries of cancer treatment.

These treatments, known as Folding Interfering Degraders (FIDs), focus on targeting the protein folding process to induce the degradation of proteins associated with cancer. This approach offers a novel method to address proteins that were previously considered “undruggable,” thereby opening up new pathways for therapeutic intervention. The collaboration between Sibylla and MD Anderson aims to progress from the initial target identification to the nomination of drug candidates, with the potential to advance through pre-clinical and clinical development stages.

Highlighting Innovative Cancer Treatments Collaboration Between Sibylla Biotech and MD Anderson

Tim Heffernan, Vice President and Head of MD Anderson Therapeutics Discovery, expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting that folding interfering degraders offer an exciting new modality to target key cancer drivers. By aligning Sibylla’s innovative PPI-FIT technology with MD Anderson’s drug development engine, the collaboration seeks to create impactful new medicines, thereby expanding treatment options for patients in need of more effective therapies. MD Anderson’s comprehensive approach integrates clinicians, scientists, and drug development experts to accelerate the discovery process, translating clinical insights directly into the development of impactful cancer therapies.

FIDs target the protein folding process to degrade cancer-related proteins, offering a novel therapeutic approach. Sibylla’s PPI-FIT technology can potentially address previously “undruggable” proteins. The partnership aims to progress from target identification to clinical trials. MD Anderson’s integrated team approach accelerates the discovery and development process. The collaboration seeks to provide new treatment options for cancer patients through innovative drug candidates.

Cancer Treatment

Groundbreaking Partnership Between Sibylla Biotech and MD Anderson Advances Cancer Treatments

The collaboration between Sibylla Biotech and MD Anderson represents a significant step forward in the fight against cancer. By combining Sibylla’s cutting-edge PPI-FIT technology with MD Anderson’s robust drug development infrastructure, the partnership aims to produce new therapeutic options for cancer patients. This initiative not only targets previously “undruggable” proteins but also accelerates the drug development process, potentially bringing new treatments to clinical trials more rapidly.

The collaboration underscores the importance of innovative technology and strategic partnerships in advancing cancer treatment, offering hope to patients who require more effective therapies. As the joint effort progresses, it holds the promise of expanding the arsenal of cancer treatments, thereby improving patient outcomes and paving the way for future breakthroughs in oncology.


Resource: Sibylla Biotech, June 12, 2024

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