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Cofepris Shuts Down Medical Establishments in State of Mexico for Severe Irregularities

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The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) has announced an update to the list of medical establishments shut down due to severe operational irregularities. This update adds two clinics, a hospital, and a medical office located in Atizapán, Cuautitlán, Ixtapaluca, and Texcoco in the State of Mexico. With these additions, the total number of closed establishments across the country has risen to 93.

The serious irregularities identified in these establishments include the lack of a sanitary license and the absence of a responsible sanitary officer notification. Issues related to inadequate infrastructure and equipment were also prevalent. Furthermore, there was a significant absence of academic certification for personnel, which is essential for performing surgical procedures, along with deficiencies in patient record keeping. These establishments, offering medical services under unsuitable conditions, fail to ensure proper operation and pose a direct threat to the health of patients seeking care at their facilities.

Cofepris’s specialized personnel detected these irregularities during inspections. Upon detection, an administrative sanction procedure is initiated, which can result in warnings, fines, and/or temporary or permanent closures, either partial or total. The primary aim of these sanctions is to enforce compliance with health regulations and ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

Cofepris Enhances Transparency and Urges Public to Report Medical Establishments Irregularities

The disclosure of the names and locations of the closed establishments aims to strengthen the transparency of the processes carried out by Cofepris and keep the public informed. By making this information available, Cofepris ensures that citizens are aware of the establishments that fail to meet the required health standards and can avoid seeking medical services at these locations.

Cofepris maintains strict surveillance throughout the national territory to ensure compliance with sanitary regulations in establishments conducting commercial, service, and industrial activities. These activities include blood banks, clinics, medical offices, tattoo studios, dialysis centers, chemical product manufacturers, and dietary supplement producers. The agency’s vigilance aims to protect public health by ensuring that all establishments adhere to the highest standards of sanitary practice.

Cofepris encourages citizens to report any potential irregularities they may observe in medical establishments. This can be done through the available hotline 800 033 5050 or via the online sanitary complaint link. Public participation is crucial in maintaining high standards of health and safety in medical and related establishments. By reporting irregularities, citizens contribute to the overall effectiveness of Cofepris’s surveillance and regulatory efforts.

Medical Establishments

Cofepris Reaffirms Commitment to Health Standards with Medical Establishments Closures in State of Mexico

The closure of these establishments in the State of Mexico underscores Cofepris’s commitment to maintaining rigorous health and safety standards. The agency’s actions are a critical component of its mission to protect public health by ensuring that all medical establishments operate in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This proactive approach helps to prevent potential health risks and ensures that patients receive safe and effective medical care.

Cofepris continues to enhance its regulatory framework and inspection protocols to adapt to emerging health challenges and ensure comprehensive surveillance of all medical establishments. By continually updating its strategies and maintaining close cooperation with local and federal authorities, Cofepris aims to foster a safer healthcare environment across Mexico. The agency’s dedication to transparency, public engagement, and stringent regulatory enforcement plays a vital role in safeguarding public health and promoting trust in the healthcare system.

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The recent shutdowns of medical establishments in the State of Mexico due to severe irregularities highlight the ongoing efforts of Cofepris to enforce health regulations and protect public health. Through rigorous inspections, transparency, and public involvement, Cofepris strives to ensure that all medical establishments meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. The agency’s commitment to these principles is crucial in maintaining public trust and ensuring the well-being of all citizens.


Resource: Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, June 05, 2024

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