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Collaboration Announced: Bayer and Rad AI Enter into Collaborative Agreement

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Collaboration was announced at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference, which will integrate Rad AI’s advanced operational solutions into Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solution platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of hospitals and health systems by leveraging Rad AI’s generative AI technologies.

Rad AI’s suite of radiology tools includes speech recognition reporting solutions, AI-driven patient follow-up management, and automated radiology impression generation technologies. These tools will complement Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions platform, enabling healthcare providers to benefit from the enhanced capabilities of Rad AI’s generative AI.

Collaboration Integrates Rad AI Tools into Bayer’s Platform to Enhance Radiology Efficiency

The three key AI tools from Rad AI that will be incorporated into Bayer’s platform are Rad AI Reporting, Rad AI Omni Impressions, and Rad AI Continuity. Rad AI Reporting helps radiologists create reports more efficiently by utilizing generative AI to organize radiology reports, allowing radiologists to focus on interpreting studies and integrating stable findings from prior reports, thereby enhancing overall productivity and accuracy. Rad AI Omni Impressions generates customized radiology report impressions based on dictated findings, tailoring the impressions to each radiologist’s language preferences, which helps reduce fatigue and improve the consistency of report impressions.

Rad AI Continuity automates the follow-up process for incidental findings, promoting timely patient follow-up and potentially increasing imaging revenue for health systems by ensuring that follow-ups are not missed. This collaboration will integrate Rad AI’s advanced generative AI capabilities into Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions platform, enabling more hospitals and health systems to benefit from these innovative tools. The Calantic platform is a vendor-neutral, cloud-hosted suite of digital radiology AI-enabled clinical and operational applications designed to aid radiologists and their teams at critical steps within a patient’s journey through the radiology suite, enhancing prioritization, lesion detection, quantification, and workflow efficiency.

Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions is a comprehensive suite of digital radiology AI-enabled clinical and operational applications designed to assist radiologists and their teams at critical steps within a patient’s journey through the radiology suite. The Calantic platform is a vendor-neutral, cloud-hosted system that includes a growing number of applications aimed at aiding prioritization, lesion detection, and quantification. Additionally, the platform offers applications that automate routine tasks and measurements, thereby improving workflows in radiology suites.


Collaboration Enhances Radiology: Integration of Rad AI Technologies into Bayer’s Calantic Platform

The integration of Rad AI’s technologies into the Calantic platform represents a significant advancement in the field of radiology. By combining the strengths of Rad AI’s generative AI with Bayer’s comprehensive digital solutions, this collaboration is set to transform how radiologists work, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in radiological practices.

The collaboration will particularly benefit radiologists by reducing the time and effort required to generate reports and manage follow-ups. The AI-driven tools will help streamline the workflow, allowing radiologists to dedicate more time to patient care and complex case evaluations. This integration is also expected to reduce burnout among radiologists by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing the cognitive load associated with report generation and follow-up management.

Moreover, the collaboration will provide hospitals and health systems with a powerful toolset to improve patient outcomes. Timely follow-up on incidental findings can lead to early detection and treatment of potential health issues, thereby improving patient prognosis. Additionally, the increased efficiency in report generation and follow-up management can enhance the overall operational efficiency of radiology departments, leading to cost savings and improved resource allocation.

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Bayer’s commitment to innovation in digital radiology solutions is evident in this collaboration with Rad AI. By incorporating state-of-the-art AI technologies, Bayer aims to provide radiologists with the tools they need to deliver high-quality care more efficiently. This partnership underscores Bayer’s dedication to advancing medical technology and improving patient outcomes through innovative solutions.

In summary, the collaboration between Bayer and Rad AI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital radiology solutions. By integrating Rad AI’s advanced generative AI tools into the Calantic Digital Solutions platform, this partnership is set to enhance the capabilities of radiologists, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes. The combined strengths of these two companies will provide a robust and innovative platform that addresses the critical needs of the radiology community.


Resource: Dotmed, July 01, 2024

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