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COVID-19 Test Concerns: FDA Warns Against Cue Health for Quality Failures

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a stern warning advising against the use of Cue Health’s COVID-19 tests, citing significant concerns about the reliability of the results. This action follows a detailed inspection by FDA officials, who discovered that Cue Health had made unauthorized alterations to its COVID-19 test kits, which compromised their effectiveness in detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These findings prompted the FDA to issue a warning letter, which was made public alongside a safety alert recommending users and healthcare providers to dispose of Cue test cartridges and consider retesting with alternative products.

During the inspection of Cue Health’s San Diego facility in October and November, FDA inspectors identified several unauthorized changes to the COVID-19 test kits. Specifically, Cue Health altered the formulation of a critical substrate used in the detection process and modified the device’s firmware. These changes, which were implemented without the required FDA authorization, directly impacted the performance and stability of the COVID-19 tests. Under the terms of the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) issued by the FDA, companies are mandated to seek approval before making any modifications that could affect the performance of diagnostic devices.

In addition to these unauthorized changes, the FDA also highlighted significant lapses in Cue Health’s compliance with requirements for lot release activities. This aspect of the inspection was particularly concerning because lot release activities are critical in ensuring that each batch of test kits meets stringent performance and quality standards before they reach the market. The FDA’s inspection revealed that Cue Health’s procedures allowed for the release of test kits that did not meet these necessary performance standards. Such procedural lapses are not merely administrative oversights but have direct and serious implications for public health.

Inadequate Quality Control and Risk of False Positives in COVID-19 Test Kits

The FDA’s detailed findings indicated that Cue Health’s quality control processes were inadequate. Specifically, the company failed to consistently conduct thorough lot release COVID-19 testing, which is designed to verify the clinical and analytical performance of each batch of test kits. This testing is essential to confirm that the tests accurately detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, without yielding false positives or negatives. However, Cue Health’s inadequate procedures meant that test kits with substandard performance were released into the market.

This significant non-compliance with regulatory standards increased the risk of false positive results, which can have far-reaching consequences. False positive results can lead to unnecessary quarantine, anxiety, and potential economic impacts for individuals who may miss work or other activities based on inaccurate test results. Moreover, from a public health perspective, false positives can distort the understanding of virus spread and prevalence, potentially leading to misguided public health responses and resource allocation.

The inspection findings revealed that Cue Health’s procedures did not just fail to catch underperforming tests but allowed for their release even when they failed to meet performance claims outlined by the company. This lack of rigorous quality control and adherence to regulatory requirements undermined the reliability and credibility of the tests, leading the FDA to issue a stern warning letter to the company.


Urgent Corrective Actions Needed for COVID-19 Test Reliability and Compliance

The FDA’s decision to issue the warning letter was based on the cumulative evidence of these procedural failings. The warning letter emphasized the need for immediate corrective actions by Cue Health to address these deficiencies and bring their operations into compliance with FDA standards. The letter also served as a public alert to healthcare providers and consumers about the potential risks associated with using Cue Health’s COVID-19 tests, urging them to dispose of existing Cue test cartridges and consider retesting with alternative products to ensure accurate results.

In response to the FDA’s findings and the subsequent warning letter, Cue Health has stated that it is currently evaluating the letter and determining its response. The company has committed to providing more information in the coming days, outlining the steps it plans to take to rectify the issues identified by the FDA. This response will be critical not only for the company’s compliance status but also for restoring public trust in its products.

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The FDA’s actions underscore the importance of stringent regulatory oversight in the development and distribution of medical diagnostic tools, particularly in the context of a global pandemic. The integrity of diagnostic tests is paramount to effective disease management and public health safety. Companies like Cue Health must adhere strictly to regulatory standards to ensure that their products provide reliable and accurate results, safeguarding both individual and public health.

As the situation develops, healthcare providers and consumers will be watching closely to see how Cue Health addresses the FDA’s concerns and what measures it takes to prevent such issues from recurring. This case serves as a critical reminder of the essential role of regulatory bodies like the FDA in maintaining high standards of medical product quality and reliability, ensuring that the tools used to manage public health crises are both safe and effective.

Cue Health responded to the FDA’s warning by stating that the company is currently evaluating the letter and determining its course of action. The company was also scheduled to release its first-quarter financial results on the same day the FDA made the warning letter public. This warning and the subsequent public disclosure mark a significant setback for Cue Health, which had experienced rapid growth during the pandemic.

FDA Warning Highlights Regulatory Non-Compliance Amid Financial Struggles

Cue Health’s expansion during the pandemic was driven by substantial investments and contracts with both government and private entities. The company’s vision was to create a comprehensive diagnostic platform that would facilitate home and point-of-care testing for various diseases, thereby shifting testing away from centralized laboratories. However, the sharp decline in COVID-19 test sales significantly impacted Cue Health’s revenue stream before it could diversify its product offerings. This financial strain led to a series of layoffs and increased scrutiny of the company’s operational practices.

The FDA’s warning letter underscores the importance of regulatory compliance and the need for rigorous oversight in the development and distribution of diagnostic tests. The agency’s findings raise serious concerns about the reliability and accuracy of Cue Health’s COVID-19 tests, which could have significant implications for public health. As the FDA continues to monitor and regulate the market for COVID-19 diagnostic tests, it remains crucial for companies to adhere to established guidelines and ensure the integrity of their products.

In summary, the FDA’s warning against Cue Health’s COVID-19 tests highlights critical issues related to unauthorized modifications and non-compliance with regulatory standards. The unauthorized changes made by Cue Health, coupled with lapses in lot release procedures, have compromised the reliability of the tests, leading to an increased risk of false positive results. As a result, the FDA has advised users and healthcare providers to dispose of Cue test cartridges and consider retesting with other products. This development serves as a reminder of the importance of regulatory compliance and the need for rigorous oversight in the healthcare industry.


Resource: Food and Drug Administration, May 13, 2024

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