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COVID-19 Vaccine Collaboration: Sanofi and Novavax’s Strategic Partnership

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Sanofi and Novavax have entered into a co-exclusive licensing agreement aimed at enhancing the global fight against respiratory viruses, announcing their collaboration to co-commercialize a COVID-19 vaccine and develop innovative flu-COVID-19 combination vaccines. This partnership marks a significant step forward in broadening patient access to effective vaccine technologies starting in 2025. The collaboration utilizes the strengths of both companies to bring forward vaccines that are expected to improve public health outcomes amidst ongoing pandemic threats.

By combining Novavax’s expertise in recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology with Sanofi’s global vaccine distribution network, the partnership aims to accelerate the availability of more robust immunization options against flu and COVID-19. Furthermore, the alliance highlights the commitment of both pharmaceutical giants to address urgent global health needs through innovative solutions. The development of a dual vaccine not only streamlines vaccination efforts but also ensures more comprehensive protection for individuals, reducing the burden on healthcare systems worldwide.

This strategic move also facilitates a quicker response to pandemic threats by leveraging cutting-edge technology and shared expertise. Additionally, the collaboration reflects a model for future partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry where combined efforts can lead to greater innovation and faster market entry of essential medical products.

Enhancing Public Health with Co-Commercialized COVID-19 Vaccine

Under the terms of the new agreement, Sanofi and Novavax will leverage their combined strengths to advance public health. The agreement grants Sanofi and Novavax co-exclusive rights to co-commercialize Novavax’s existing adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine globally, excluding countries where Novavax retains partnerships, such as India, Japan, and South Korea. Additionally, Sanofi will hold an exclusive license to use Novavax’s adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine in conjunction with its flu vaccines. The partnership also includes a non-exclusive license for Sanofi to use Novavax’s Matrix-M adjuvant in other vaccine formulations.

Jean-Francois Toussaint, Global Head of Vaccines R&D at Sanofi, highlighted the significance of combining resources to tackle two major respiratory threats. “With the hospital admission rates for flu and COVID-19 now closely aligned, developing a combined vaccine approach could offer enhanced protection and convenience for patients,” stated Toussaint. The collaboration promises to integrate Novavax’s highly effective COVID-19 vaccine with Sanofi’s advanced flu vaccines, which are noted for their superior protection against influenza and its complications.

This strategic collaboration is structured to maximize the strengths of both companies. Novavax will receive an upfront payment of $500 million from Sanofi, with potential additional payments totaling up to $700 million based on development, regulatory, and launch milestones, bringing the potential total earnings to $1.2 billion. Starting in 2025, Sanofi will be responsible for recording sales of the co-developed vaccines and will support various R&D and commercial activities. In return, Novavax will benefit from tiered double-digit royalties on vaccine sales made by Sanofi.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Pioneering Flu-COVID-19 Vaccine Innovations for Global Health

This deal not only accelerates the potential development and accessibility of a novel flu-COVID-19 combination vaccine but also strengthens Novavax’s financial and strategic position. “This partnership allows us to extend the reach of our vaccine technologies, enhancing global access to advanced prophylactic solutions,” commented John Jacobs, CEO of Novavax.

The partnership between Sanofi and Novavax is poised to transform the landscape of vaccine development and deployment. By combining their expertise and technological platforms, the two companies aim to address ongoing public health challenges posed by flu and COVID-19. The collaboration is expected to lead to more robust vaccine options, potentially simplifying logistics and improving patient adherence to vaccination protocols.

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Sanofi’s commitment to investing in Novavax, with a minority equity stake of less than 5%, underscores the strategic nature of this alliance, which extends beyond immediate financial implications to long-term benefits in global health.


Resource: Sanofi, May 10, 2024

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