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Data Availability Enhanced by Agreement Between Nictiz and Zorginstituut

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Data availability is at the forefront of a new administrative agreement recently signed by Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland. This agreement marks a significant step towards achieving appropriate care for all patients, healthcare providers, and other parties involved in healthcare and welfare. By expanding their current collaboration, Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland aim to address various challenges in healthcare, ensuring that appropriate care is more attainable.

The partnership between Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland focuses on better coordination and a cross-domain approach to digital quality and information standards, as well as policy development. This collaboration is designed to prevent overlap in the execution of tasks by ensuring that both parties inform and coordinate with each other where necessary. The goal is to enable content-based collaboration on tasks that facilitate appropriate care. Both organizations are committed to ensuring that the solutions and products developed are broadly applicable across the entire healthcare and welfare domain.

Data Availability Enhanced: Clearer Recording and Exchange in Healthcare Supported by Nictiz and Zorginstituut Agreement

This should lead to clearer recording and exchange of data within and between domains in the healthcare field. The policy of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) is a guiding force in this context, aiming to create a sustainable health information system. Additionally, Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland will strengthen each other in advising the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

One of the key outcomes of the agreement is the alignment of information standards and both current and newly developed quality standards. Quality standards outline what appropriate care should look like and the necessary information required for this. Information standards, on the other hand, contain agreements on how health information is reliably recorded, made available, and exchanged. The aim is to work together under a unified vision and language, aligned with the National Vision and Strategy on the health information system (2023).

Data Availability

Data Availability Critical: Enhancing Healthcare Delivery and Decision-Making through Digital Exchange

Healthcare and data are inextricably linked. For healthcare providers to deliver good care, they must have access to complete and up-to-date patient data. Having the right information at the right time enables healthcare providers and patients to understand the situation better and make informed decisions. Digital data exchange between healthcare providers ensures faster processing of information for treatment and patient care, allowing patients to make better choices. Moreover, in the current tight labor market, digital data exchange can reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. Additionally, the same data can be reused for multiple purposes, including quality assurance, policy development, and research. The National Vision and Strategy on the health information system outlines the approach to achieving this in the Netherlands.

Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland each have their own responsibilities and tasks. The agreement is intended to facilitate collaboration on corresponding and connecting tasks, ensuring that care and data are effectively linked.

In the Netherlands, everyone who lives or works is required to have health insurance. The Netherlands Healthcare Institute is a government organization responsible for compiling the basic health insurance package. Their main task is to make complex but necessary choices to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands can receive good care, now and in the future.

The agreement between Nictiz and Zorginstituut Nederland represents a significant step towards better coordination of digital information provision and data availability in healthcare. By aligning their efforts, these organizations aim to tackle various challenges in the healthcare sector, ultimately making appropriate care more attainable for all. The enhanced collaboration will lead to more efficient recording and exchange of data, benefiting patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers alike. This initiative is a crucial part of the broader National Vision and Strategy on the health information system, ensuring that healthcare in the Netherlands is well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

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Resource: Zorginstituutnederland, May 31, 2024

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