Monday, July 15, 2024

Dutch Healthcare Authority Unveils Second DRG Package Release for 2024

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The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) recently unveiled the second release of the Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG) package for 2024, specifically applicable to specialist medical care and geriatric rehabilitation care. This release, known as RZ24b, introduces notable updates.

Among the key additions is a new procedure code, 050524, focusing on “Pathological examination –predictive immunohistochemical diagnosis in the context of therapy.” This code facilitates immunohistochemical investigations of protein expression in tissues to predict treatment outcomes.

Additionally, two new supplementary payments (OZPs) will be implemented: “Urine tumor marker test” (039866) and “Perfusion for DCD heart donation (donation after circulatory death) with oxygen-rich blood” (192160).

Furthermore, the release incorporates new Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) tailored for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) care, addressing the unique medical and psychosocial needs of individuals aged 18 to 39 diagnosed with cancer.

These DRGs encompass services like outpatient clinic visits and remote consultations, recognizing the distinct challenges and considerations for this age group.

The effective date for these updates is January 1, 2024. Healthcare stakeholders and professionals can access the full details of these changes through the NZa’s official publication. This release demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Dutch healthcare authorities to adapt and enhance the healthcare system to meet evolving patient needs.

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