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Evaluation of Snap Needles in Managing Postoperative Hemorrhoidal Pain

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In the quest to find effective treatments for postoperative hemorrhoidal pain (POHP), a recent study has highlighted the potential of Snap Needles (SN) as a promising alternative. Conducted with a rigorous systematic approach, this research delves into the efficacy and safety of SN, offering new hope for patients suffering from this painful condition. Utilizing comprehensive data sources and thorough analysis, the study presents compelling evidence supporting the benefits of SN in comparison to traditional treatments.

Methodology and Data Collection

The investigation involved an extensive review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) sourced from databases such as EMBASE, Web of Science, PubMed, and several Chinese databases, covering publications up to August 2023. The primary metric for evaluation was the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), with secondary metrics including Total Effective Rate (TER), Wound Healing Time (WHT), Pain Relief Time (PRT), Pain Disappearance Time (PDT), and Adverse Events (AEs). The quality of the studies was assessed using the Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool.

Results and Findings

The meta-analysis incorporated data from 11 RCTs involving 1188 patients experiencing POHP. The results indicated that patients treated with SN experienced significant improvements compared to the control group. Key findings included notable reductions in VAS scores, with a mean difference of -1.10, and shorter wound healing times, averaging 2.55 days less than the control group. Additionally, pain relief and disappearance times were markedly faster in the SN group, with mean differences of -7.99 and 19.24 days, respectively.

The study also reported a lower incidence of adverse events in the SN group, with a risk ratio of 0.38, and an improved Total Effective Rate, with a risk ratio of 1.18. These results underscore the potential of SN as a beneficial treatment for managing postoperative hemorrhoidal pain.

Concrete Inferences for Practical Use

  • SN significantly reduces postoperative pain intensity, as evidenced by lower VAS scores.
  • Patients using SN experience faster wound healing and pain relief times.
  • The incidence of adverse events is markedly lower with SN compared to traditional treatments.
  • SN demonstrates a higher overall effectiveness rate in treating POHP.
  • The therapy offers a viable alternative to conventional western drug treatments for POHP.

The comprehensive analysis and compelling results presented in this study suggest that Snap Needles could be an effective and safer alternative for managing postoperative hemorrhoidal pain. While the quality of the included studies varied, the overall positive outcomes favor the adoption of SN in clinical settings, potentially improving patient recovery experiences and outcomes.

Original Article: J Pain Res. 2024 Jun 7;17:2015-2028. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S464176. eCollection 2024.

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