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Evaluation Pilot Program Awards Accelerated

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Evaluation is the focus of the Accelerated Evaluation Pilot subsidy round, where nine projects have been awarded funding starting in September 2024. These projects aim to establish efficient organizational structures to facilitate patient inclusion within healthcare institutions. By improving these structures, the projects are expected to accelerate the inclusion phase and reduce the turnaround time for healthcare evaluations.

This expedited approach will enhance the availability of scientific evidence for existing specialist medical care currently in practice. By streamlining the inclusion process, these projects will ensure that vital medical research and evaluations are conducted more swiftly and effectively, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare providers alike.

Accelerated Evaluation of Care at VieCuri Medical Center: Enhancing Patient Inclusion and Distribution of Knowledge

Accelerated Evaluation of Existing Care in VieCuri Medical Center: Salbutamol IV, SAFEST, and GOAL Project Leader: Drs. NMJC Kessels-Theeuwen

This project focuses on accelerating inclusions for care evaluations in the pediatrics, neurology, and internal medicine departments at VieCuri Medical Center. A central trial office and a core care evaluation team will support medical specialists during the inclusive phase, making it easier to include patients. The knowledge gained will be distributed to other healthcare institutions and networks after the project.

Central OLVG Research Pool to Support Six Healthcare Evaluation Studies Project Leader: Dr. SNW Vorrink

OLVG is setting up a central research pool of experienced researchers to accelerate patient inclusion in six care evaluations across various departments. This approach allows healthcare workers to better inform patients about participation in healthcare evaluations, increasing their willingness to participate in scientific research. The project aims to enhance both the inclusion speed and quality.

Accelerating and Embedding Healthcare Evaluation Research: A Hospital-Wide Approach Project Leader: Dr. P. de Graeff

UMCG focuses on establishing an organizational structure to promote collaboration. The project will support ongoing care evaluations by deploying a research assistant for inclusions and data management. A project group with representation from patients, researchers, and management will prepare this infrastructure, focusing on improving efficiency and promoting collaboration across different healthcare evaluations.


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Evaluation Optimization and Implementation at Jeroen Bosch Hospital: Enhancing Patient Inclusion and Streamlining Procedures

Optimization and Implementation Project Leader: Dr. TMH Timmers

Jeroen Bosch Hospital aims to stimulate patient inclusion and accelerate five care evaluations. The project includes training employees, creating physician commitment, allocating time and resources for research tasks, and simplifying inclusion procedures. Structural embedding of results, such as designing a dashboard and tailored procedures for care evaluations, will also be part of the project.

Central Research Support for Healthcare Evaluation Research Project Leader: Dr. H. den Hertog

Isala is setting up an organizational structure to support healthcare professionals in including patients and collecting data for five ongoing healthcare evaluations. Central monitoring of suitable patients and cross-departmental research nurses will improve inclusion numbers and data quality. The successful infrastructure can be scaled up to other care evaluation studies within Isala and other healthcare institutions.

Accelerated Evaluation Pilot – Healthcare Institutions Project Leader: Dr. M. Langelaan

Gelre Hospital will establish a counter to support three ongoing healthcare evaluations. The project includes implementing a research module in the hospital information system and strengthening cooperation between scientific associations and main researchers. This approach aims to accelerate the inclusion phase and integrate healthcare evaluations into the quality cycle.

iBoost: Inclusion Boost by Unburdening the Medical Specialist Project Leader: Dr. SHM Gorissen

Zuyderland Medical Center focuses on using the iBoost Research Nurse to support medical specialists in four care evaluations. Central support will relieve specialists of administrative burdens, with automated patient identification for healthcare evaluations. This approach aims to accelerate inclusions and create a sustainable structure for successful healthcare evaluations.

Promoting a Sustainable Climate for Healthcare Evaluations Project Leader: Dr. S. Croezen

Rijnstate aims to remove barriers to patient inclusion in five ongoing healthcare evaluations by increasing the use of research assistants, simplifying local assessment and consent procedures, sharing knowledge, and automating patient data entry. The project uses and optimizes existing infrastructure, with an emphasis on evaluating the effects of improvement actions.

Accelerated Evaluation at Catharina Hospital Project Leader: Prof. Dr. FWJM Smeenk

Catharina Hospital will establish an organizational structure to increase inclusion numbers and improve inclusion process quality, aiming to shorten the turnaround time of four care evaluation studies. The project will appoint research support staff, develop electronic patient record tools for better patient identification, and provide training. Expected results include a faster inclusion process, improved patient satisfaction, and more efficient patient identification for studies.

Resource: Zonmw, May 28, 2024

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