Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Eye Innovations’ Revolutionary Tele-Refractor LFR-260 Gains FDA Clearance

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Eye Innovations, a pioneering leader in optical technology, has achieved a significant milestone with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granting 510(k) clearance for its LFR-260 tele-refractor. This cutting-edge device, hailed as the first light field powered subjective tele-refractor, promises to revolutionize the field of eye care. The clearance follows the device’s earlier approval in Europe, underscoring its global impact and potential.

Raul Mihali, President and CEO of Eye Innovations, expressed his excitement, emphasizing the collaborative effort behind this achievement. The successful clearance is attributed to the meticulous evaluation of the tele-refractor’s performance in a multi-center study involving 108 patients undergoing comprehensive eye examinations. Notably, the FDA has created a new product category specifically for light field-based refractors, highlighting the innovative nature of the LFR-260.

Advanced Features, Remote Operation, and Global Launch Strategy

The LFR-260 boasts advanced features, including integrated micro lens arrays and high-density displays, facilitating real-time generation of multi-focal optotypes. Its digital capabilities enable remote operation via tablet, making it ideal for telemedicine applications. This transformative technology eliminates the need for traditional refraction equipment, streamlining the vision assessment process for patients.

Andreas Kusay, Chairman of Eye Innovations, underscored the strategic significance of FDA clearance and CE marking for the European market. With plans for a global product launch, the company aims to capitalize on the rapidly expanding healthcare sectors in the US and the European Economic Area.


Tele-Refractor LFR-260 with QuadView Technology Revolutionizes Eye Exams and Precision Prescriptions

The QuadView technology integrated into the LFR-260 sets a new standard for eye examinations by presenting multiple prescriptions simultaneously, without the need for lenses or wall charts. This innovation addresses patient confusion and enhances the precision of eye prescriptions, revolutionizing traditional refraction methods.

John Jacobsen, VP of Product at Eye Innovations, emphasized the transformative potential of light field technology in healthcare. By overcoming existing limitations and leveraging artificial intelligence, the company seeks to redefine the possibilities in eye care, paving the way for more accurate and personalized treatments.

In conclusion, Eye Innovations’ FDA clearance for the tele-refractor marks a significant advancement in optical technology. With its innovative features and potential to revolutionize eye care, the tele-refractor heralds a new era of precision and efficiency in vision assessment and treatment.


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Resource: PR Newswire, June 06, 2024

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