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FDA Endorses BE-101 for Hemophilia B with Orphan Drug Designation

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Be Biopharma, Inc. has recently reached a pivotal achievement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) grant of Orphan Drug Designation for hemophilia B treatment BE-101. This groundbreaking engineered B Cell Medicine (BCM) is tailored specifically for combating hemophilia B, a relatively rare blood disorder. Securing this designation marks a strategic advancement for Be Bio, enabling the company to proceed with the BeCoMe-9 Phase 1/2 study. This study is slated to begin in the latter half of 2024 and will target adults with severe or moderately severe Hemophilia B, aiming to address their specific medical needs.

Joanne Smith-Farrell, Ph.D., the Chief Executive Officer of Be Bio, expressed her enthusiasm about the unique properties of BE-101, emphasizing its long-lasting, re-dosable, and adjustable nature as a Factor IX replacement therapy. According to Smith-Farrell, BE-101 stands out due to its potential to drastically transform the therapeutic landscape for Hemophilia B, offering a robust treatment alternative that surpasses the limitations of existing therapies. The Orphan Drug Designation not only highlights the innovative potential of BE-101 but also signifies the critical demand for more effective treatment modalities for patients afflicted with this challenging condition.

The FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation is instrumental in fostering the development of medications for diseases that affect fewer than 200,000 individuals in the U.S. This status comes with numerous benefits that are essential for the viability of developing treatments for rare diseases. These include seven years of exclusive marketing rights following the approval, exemptions from certain user fees, and eligibility for tax credits related to clinical trial expenses. These incentives are crucial as they ease the financial burdens associated with bringing specialized treatments to market, thereby encouraging innovation and development in this vital area of medicine.

Novel B Cell Therapy Revolutionizing Hemophilia B Treatment by Enhancing FIX Production

BE-101 utilizes a novel approach by engineering primary human B cells to incorporate the human FIX gene. This enables the cells to produce active FIX, a critical component in the treatment of Hemophilia B. The therapy is designed to provide sustained therapeutic levels of FIX activity, potentially reducing the frequency of dosages required compared to current regimens. This innovative strategy aims to lessen the overall treatment burden for patients, decrease annual bleeding rates, and reduce the overall use of FIX.

Hemophilia B is an X-linked recessive disorder that disrupts normal blood clotting, leading to extended periods of bleeding from minor injuries or spontaneously. This condition predominantly affects males, occurring in about 1 in 20,000 male births. It results from mutations in the gene responsible for producing the FIX protein, which plays a vital role in the coagulation process. Despite recent advancements such as gene therapy, prophylactic FIX administration remains the standard care, especially for children, often requiring frequent infusions due to the protein’s short biological half-life.

Hemophilia B

Be Biopharma Leads the Way with Innovative Engineered B Cell Medicines

Engineered B Cell Medicines are emerging as a transformative class of treatments that leverage the body’s own B cells, modified to produce therapeutic proteins. This novel class of cellular medicines offers several advantages over traditional treatments, including the potential for long-term durability, the ability to re-dose without the need for preconditioning, and versatility across a wide range of diseases and patient demographics.

Founded by pioneers in B cell engineering, Be Biopharma is at the cutting edge of developing Engineered B Cell Medicines. Since its inception in October 2020, the company has demonstrated rapid progress, supported by substantial investments from leading healthcare investors. With over $180 million in financial backing, Be Bio is dedicated to redefining the landscape of medicine through the innovative application of B cell therapies, aiming to significantly improve outcomes for patients with Hemophilia B and other serious diseases.

As Be Biopharma continues to advance its innovative treatments, the healthcare industry watches closely. The potential of BE-101 and other BCMs to provide durable, effective solutions for complex diseases like Hemophilia B may soon transform patient care, offering new hope and improved quality of life for those affected by these challenging conditions.

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Resource: Be Biopharma, June 04, 2024

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