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Financial Compensation for Digital Therapeutic Devices in France

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France has recently updated its framework for financial compensation concerning digital therapeutic devices. This update by the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Solidarity, aims to ensure that healthcare providers are adequately reimbursed for the provision of these innovative medical technologies. The changes are outlined in the new decree which specifies the values under Article R. 162-117 of the Social Security Code.

Financial Compensation for Digital Therapeutic Devices in France

The decree sets forth the compensation for the provision of digital therapeutic devices. An initial lump sum of €435, inclusive of all taxes, is payable once for each patient for the use of the device over a maximum period of three months. Following this initial period, a monthly fee of €38.30, inclusive of all taxes, is applied. The total annual compensation is capped at €780 per patient.

The calculation example provided in the decree illustrates the methodology. For instance, for a device used continuously over a six-month period, the compensation is calculated as €435 for the initial period plus €38.30 for each subsequent month, totaling €549.90.

The payment of this financial compensation by the health insurance system is contingent upon the actual usage of the digital therapeutic device. According to Article R. 162-118 of the Social Security Code, reimbursement is conditional on the verified utilization of the device as prescribed.

The update underscores the importance of adopting new medical technologies within a well-regulated reimbursement framework. It also highlights the commitment of the French healthcare system to support innovation and ensure that patients have access to the latest therapeutic options.

This development is a significant step towards fostering innovation in the French healthcare sector. By providing clear and structured financial compensation, the government encourages the adoption of digital therapeutic devices, which can enhance patient outcomes and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The integration of these devices into the healthcare system also reflects the broader objectives of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Solidarity to modernize healthcare services and promote the use of cutting-edge medical technologies. This approach not only benefits patients but also supports healthcare providers in offering high-quality care.

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Financial Support for Digital Therapeutic Devices Boosts Healthcare

Healthcare providers stand to gain from this updated compensation framework as it ensures they are reimbursed for the costs associated with providing digital therapeutic devices. This financial support can facilitate the integration of these devices into routine care, thereby enhancing the treatment options available to patients.

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Moreover, the clear guidelines and structured reimbursement process help to streamline administrative procedures, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care rather than financial and administrative burdens.

The updates to the Healthcare Implementation Communique represent a significant advancement in France’s healthcare system. By introducing new reimbursement codes for critical and innovative medical services, the Social Security Institution (SSI) is enhancing the quality of care and ensuring that patients have access to the latest medical technologies. These changes underscore the importance of an adaptive and forward-looking reimbursement framework in promoting health and well-being.

Additionally, the updates demonstrate France’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge medical advancements into its healthcare system, fostering an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are prioritized. This proactive approach benefits patients by providing them with the best possible care and supports healthcare providers in delivering high-quality services efficiently. As France continues to refine its healthcare policies, these updates will play a crucial role in shaping a more resilient and responsive healthcare system for the future.


Resource: Mtrconnsult, May 23, 2024

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