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Fistula Treatment: Signum Surgical’s BioHealx Technology Obtains FDA Clearance

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Fistula treatment has taken a significant step forward as Signum Surgical has achieved De Novo clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its innovative BioHealx technology. This device is a single-use, bioabsorbable implant, representing a significant advancement in the management of colorectal diseases. The minimally invasive procedure that BioHealx facilitates aims to close the internal opening of the fistula tract, prevent recurrence, promote healing, and safeguard patient continence.

The FDA’s De Novo classification and clearance follow an extensive clinical trial completed last year. The trial, conducted across multiple centers in Hungary, involved 32 adult patients and sought to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BioHealx in real-world conditions. These patients had previously experienced at least one failed treatment for recurrent anal fistula, highlighting the persistent need for an effective solution. The follow-up assessments for these patients ranged from 13 to 40 months, providing comprehensive data on the device’s performance.

Fistula Treatment Advanced with BioHealx: A New Solution for Recurrent Anal Fistula

BioHealx was developed in collaboration with colorectal surgeons, ensuring that the device meets the practical needs of both patients and healthcare providers. The primary goal of BioHealx is to provide a new, reliable solution for those suffering from recurrent anal fistula, a condition that can be both painful and debilitating. By closing the internal opening of the fistula tract and promoting healing, BioHealx aims to reduce the likelihood of recurrence, which is a common issue with current treatment options.

Signum Surgical’s co-founder and CEO, Moshe Zilversmit, expressed pride in the development and FDA clearance of BioHealx, describing it as a significant milestone for the company and an important step toward bringing this novel treatment to market. Zilversmit highlighted the ongoing discussions with potential strategic commercialization partners to efficiently make the BioHealx solution available to patients. This FDA clearance, protected by the company’s expanding intellectual property portfolio, underscores Signum Surgical’s commitment to addressing the unmet clinical need for anal fistula treatment.


Fistula Management Enhanced with BioHealx: A Collaborative Achievement in Colorectal Disease Treatment

The successful development and approval of BioHealx mark a notable achievement in the field of colorectal disease management. This innovative device not only offers a new treatment option for patients but also exemplifies the potential of collaborative efforts between medical device companies and healthcare professionals. By focusing on both the clinical efficacy and patient outcomes, BioHealx sets a new standard for the treatment of anal fistula, providing hope for improved quality of life for patients who have struggled with this condition.

In summary, the FDA’s De Novo clearance of BioHealx is a pivotal development for Signum Surgical and the broader medical community. The device’s design and clinical validation promise a more effective and reliable treatment for anal fistula, addressing a significant gap in current therapeutic options.

With the potential to reduce recurrence rates and promote healing, BioHealx is poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and the practices of colorectal surgeons. The next steps for Signum Surgical involve strategic commercialization to ensure that this innovative solution reaches those who need it most, reinforcing the company’s dedication to advancing medical technology and improving patient care.


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Resource: Signum Surgical, July 03, 2024

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