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German EBM Catalog Update Welcomes Health App Reimbursement Codes

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Effective October 1, 2023, the German Uniform Evaluation Standard (EBM) catalog ushered in a new era of healthcare reimbursement regulations. This catalog, known as “Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab” in German, governs the reimbursement of services within Germany’s public outpatient sector. Updated quarterly, the EBM catalog ensures that healthcare providers and patients have access to the latest developments in healthcare services.

One of the notable updates in this recent catalog revision is the introduction of reimbursement codes for two health apps: “Mawendo” and “Oviva Direkt für Adipositas.” These digital health applications have earned recognition and now have dedicated codes with associated tariffs.

The newly established codes and their corresponding tariffs are as follows:

  • Code 01475: “Additional flat rate for the follow-up and evaluation of the digital health application (DiGA) Oviva Direkt for obesity in line with the Directory for digital health applications according to §139e SGB V” with a tariff of €7.35.
  • Code 01476: “Additional flat rate for the selection and/or individualization of the content of the digital health application (DiGA) Mawendo in line with the Directory for digital health applications according to §139e SGB V” with a tariff of €7.35.

The “Oviva Direkt für Adipositas” health app has been specifically developed to address severe obesity, offering multimodal obesity therapy and assisting patients in adopting healthier habits and shedding excess weight.

On the other hand, the “Mawendo” health app provides users with a range of training programs that include exercise videos, health-related information, and documentation features. Physicians initially select the training program, customizing it to the patient’s clinical condition, specific exercises, and training phases. This app empowers patients to independently support the treatment of kneecap (patella) conditions through targeted training.

For those seeking more detailed information in German, additional resources are available here for “Oviva Direkt für Adipositas” and here for “Mawendo.”

This development underscores the evolving landscape of healthcare in Germany, with digital health applications playing an increasingly vital role in patient care and treatment. Healthcare providers, patients, and app developers alike stand to benefit from these changes, marking a significant step toward a more accessible and diversified healthcare ecosystem in Germany.

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