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Germany Expands Digital Health Applications Directory Enhancing Patient Care and Digital Health Options

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Germany expanded its Directory of Digital Health Applications (DiGAs) by introducing four additional health apps. These apps are now eligible for prescription by physicians and psychotherapists and will be reimbursed by health insurers. With these additions, the DiGA Directory now features a total of 53 health apps, while six health apps were removed from the directory during the same period.

The “Mindable: Soziale Phobie” health app was included in the Digital Health Applications Directory. Developed by Mindable Health GmbH in Germany, this app is designed for individuals aged 18 and above who suffer from social phobia symptoms. The application assists users in managing and reducing their social anxiety by teaching relevant content, methods, and effective exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It includes psychoeducational material, personalized disorder model development, attention training, and experiential exercises to address social fears. Users can also regularly track and export anxiety-related symptoms, events, and behavior. The app is available in German, English, and French, with a tariff of €765.

Netherlands’ ‘Untire®’ Health App Aids Fatigue Management in Breast Cancer Patients

“Untire®,” created by Tired of Cancer B.V. in the Netherlands, was added to the Digital Health Applications Directory on December 25, 2023. This evidence-based digital health app targets fatigue in breast cancer patients and survivors. It incorporates elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychoeducation, mindfulness-based exercises, and specific movement exercises to increase physical activity. “Untire®” offers patients a comprehensive set of strategies to cope with fatigue and includes regular self-assessments of disease-related parameters. It is available in German, English, and Dutch, with a tariff of €618.

Digital Health Applications

The “actensio” health app, developed by mentor DE GmbH in Germany, joined the Digital Health Applications Directory. “actensio” is a digital application designed for hypertension management. The app provides evidence-based content on lifestyle intervention, offering psychoeducational knowledge transfer, guidance on dietary changes, the gradual integration of physical activity, and stress management improvement. “actensio” is available in German, with a tariff of €593.81.

‘glucura Diabetestherapie’ as Digital Health Applications, Revolutionizes Type 2 Diabetes Management

The “glucura Diabetestherapie” health app, developed by Perfood GmbH in Germany, was introduced on January 11, 2024, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Over three months, the app guides users through personalized nutritional adjustments and established lifestyle modification approaches to manage type 2 diabetes mellitus. It supports the reduction of postprandial glucose variability, body weight, and long-term blood sugar (HbA1c). “glucura Diabetestherapie” is compatible with various blood sugar sensors, provided they meet the criteria for data export compatibility from CGM systems. The app is available in German, with a tariff of €499.80.

These additions to the Digital Health Applications Directory represent a significant expansion of digital health tools available for prescription and reimbursement in Germany. They address a range of health conditions, including social phobia, fatigue in breast cancer patients, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus, offering patients more options for managing their health and well-being through digital solutions. The DiGA program continues to evolve, providing patients and healthcare providers with innovative tools to improve health outcomes and quality of life.


Resource: Med Tech Reimbursement Consulting, January 24, 2024

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