Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gero Raises $6M in Series A to Boost AI-Based Research on Age-Related Diseases

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Gero, a biotechnology firm, has raised $6M in a Series A extension round for AI-based research. This round was led by Melnichek Investments. The funds raised in this round will be utilized to expand Gero’s scientific team, enhance its drug development efforts, and expand its presence in the United States. The firm employs generative AI tools to analyze real-world health data to develop treatments for age-related diseases.

Earlier this year, Gero announced a research collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The company is currently in talks with other pharmaceutical companies that are interested in the growing market of age-related diseases.

Gero’s main objective is to differentiate the effects of aging from the effects of disease. The company primarily uses Large Health Models (LHMs) to achieve this goal. These models assist in predicting human health outcomes.

The firm is planning another funding round shortly. Potential investors are being invited to engage in preliminary discussions.

The funds raised in the Series A extension round will significantly contribute to Gero’s efforts in combating age-related diseases. It will also help the company in strengthening its presence in the United States, and in advancing its drug development efforts.

Gero’s collaboration with Pfizer and its ongoing discussions with other pharmaceutical companies underscores the growing interest in the age-related diseases market. The use of AI tools in analyzing health data and developing treatments is a significant advancement in the healthcare sector.

The potential of Large Health Models in predicting human health outcomes is a promising development in the field of biotechnology. The planned funding round indicates Gero’s commitment to further its research and development efforts in the field of age-related diseases.

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