Saturday, June 22, 2024

Global Medtech Working Group: Offering Expertise and Knowledge to Health Tech and Medical Device Companies

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The inaugural meeting of the Global Medtech Working Group focused on the needs of Medtech clients and the expertise that can be offered to them. The group has extensive experience and knowledge to share with health tech, medical device, and digital technology companies. Their previous experience includes working with top 20 Medical Device companies to develop market access strategies and value propositions. They have also assisted small health tech innovators in assessing their commercial propositions and bringing their innovations to the NHS.

Evidence has been gathered and submissions written for NICE’s MTEP and other health technology assessment bodies by the group. They have also developed health economic models to demonstrate the value of diagnostic tools and digital apps. The group has worked with a wide assortment of pharmaceutical companies, which has given them a wealth of experience to tackle challenges faced by healthcare innovators.

Lydia Crowe, Commercial Director of Mtech Access, stated that their clients all share the same goal of getting their innovations to patients who will benefit from them. She emphasized the importance of a value-based partnership with a consultancy that has deep expertise in accelerating time to market.

The Working Group will continue to explore how it can best share its expertise with Medtech companies worldwide. Several resources have already been published, including webinars, guides and case studies that offer specialist insights into the Medtech sector. They invite interested parties to reach out via email to arrange a discovery meeting or to attend their NHS Transformation Symposium.

The Global Medtech Working Group has worked with a wide range of companies, from global brands to ultra-rare disease specialists, and is well-equipped to assist health tech, medical device, and digital technology companies. The group offers a vast range of services including developing market access strategies, assessing commercial propositions, gathering evidence for health technology assessment bodies, and developing health economic models. The goal is to help companies accelerate time to market and deliver their innovations to patients who will benefit from them.

In addition to their consultancy work, the group also provides resources such as webinars, guides, and case studies to share their expertise in the Medtech sector. They are open to arranging discovery meetings with interested parties and host events like the NHS Transformation Symposium to further engage with the Medtech community.

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