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Hand and Body Cream Recall Ordered by INVIMA Due to Microbiological Contamination

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The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA) of Colombia has ordered the recall of AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream. This action was taken following the detection of an alteration in the microbiological quality of the cosmetic product. The affected batch exhibited non-compliant results in the count of total aerobic mesophilic microorganisms, exceeding the maximum limit of acceptability established by Resolution 2120 of 2019. The recall aims to protect consumers from potential health risks associated with the contaminated batch.

INVIMA’s rigorous surveillance and testing protocols ensure that products in the market meet safety standards. Consumers who have purchased this product are advised to discontinue use immediately and return it to the place of purchase. Further investigations are underway to determine the cause of contamination and prevent future occurrences.

INVIMA Finds Microbiological Contamination in AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream

INVIMA’s Inspection, Surveillance, and Control actions revealed that AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream did not meet the required microbiological standards. The count of total aerobic mesophilic microorganisms in the product was found to be above the acceptable limits. This type of contamination poses a risk to consumer safety, as high levels of these microorganisms can lead to skin infections and other health issues.

The microbiological quality of cosmetic products is crucial to ensure they are safe for consumer use. Resolution 2120 of 2019 sets strict guidelines for acceptable levels of microorganisms in cosmetic products to prevent adverse health effects. The identified contamination in AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream breaches these guidelines, prompting the recall to protect public health.

INVIMA has mandated the immediate withdrawal of the affected batch from the market. Consumers who have purchased AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream are advised to discontinue use immediately and return the product to the point of sale. Retailers are instructed to remove the product from their shelves and follow INVIMA’s procedures for product recall.

Hand and Body Cream

Healthcare Professionals and Consumers Alerted on Reporting Adverse Reactions

Healthcare professionals are urged to report any adverse reactions associated with the use of AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream to INVIMA. Monitoring and reporting can help manage potential health risks and ensure that contaminated products are swiftly removed from circulation.

INVIMA’s proactive approach in recalling AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream underscores the importance of stringent quality control in cosmetic products. Regular inspections and compliance with microbiological standards are essential to safeguard consumer health. Companies must adhere to these standards to prevent similar incidents in the future. The recall serves as a reminder for manufacturers to maintain high standards of hygiene and quality during production. Ensuring that all cosmetic products meet regulatory requirements helps build consumer trust and prevents health hazards.

The recall of AMENICOL Hand and Body Cream highlights the critical need for rigorous quality control in the cosmetics industry. INVIMA’s actions demonstrate a commitment to consumer safety by enforcing compliance with microbiological standards. Consumers are advised to remain vigilant and report any adverse effects from cosmetic products to health authorities.

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Resource: Digemid, July 08, 2024

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