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Harnessing the Power of Data for a People-Centric Health Service: NHS Leaders’ Perspective

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Dr. Mark Davies, the Global Chief Health Officer at IBM, and Prof. Phil Richardson, the Chair and Chief Innovation Officer at Mtech Access, examined the potential of data and the significance of the community in supporting the NHS’s population health management goals in a webinar. The discussion focused on how the health and life sciences ecosystem can assist in these endeavors.

The potential of population health management to influence the strategy, budgeting, targeting, and delivery of health and care in healthcare systems was discussed. Emphasis was placed on the need for a new way of working, driven by local needs, quality evidence, and a systematic approach. The role of public health data in the pandemic as a catalyst for population health management was highlighted.

It was noted that NHS leaders are working towards a health system that is proactive in addressing the needs of the population, with the voice of the people driving health and care development. The potential of population health management was discussed in March 2022 with Dr. Steven Laitner, and in December, the economics of healthcare and strategic partnerships working in the NHS was explored.

The webinar also examined how the NHS can utilize population health management to transform the system, the importance of community in population health management, and how the wider life sciences sector can support the NHS in this area. The implications of a data-driven, people-centric approach for the valuation of treatments and how population health management could transform the economics of healthcare were also discussed.

Dr. Mark Davies, with over 20 years of experience as an NHS General Practitioner, has held several national clinical leadership roles. He has worked on various initiatives, including one with the US government on common data and health technology standards, which led to a significant agreement between the UK and US governments.

The webinar is a part of the monthly NHS Whispers series, where in-depth conversations with senior NHS colleagues take place to discuss their immediate priorities, the greatest challenges faced by the NHS, and potential responses to these challenges.

In conclusion, the conversation emphasized the significant role of data and community in transforming health service delivery and achieving population health management goals. It also highlighted the need for a proactive, data-driven, and people-centric approach in the health system, with the potential to revolutionize healthcare economics.

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