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Health Technology Assessments Enhanced by ISPOR’s New SUITABILITY Checklist for EHR Data

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Amid increasing reliance on electronic health records (EHRs) for health technology assessments (HTA), ISPOR has introduced a comprehensive framework to elevate data integrity and applicability. The new report, titled “Assessing Real-World Data from Electronic Health Records for Health Technology Assessment: The SUITABILITY Checklist,” seeks to standardize EHR data evaluation and bolster its role in healthcare decision-making.

In their June 2024 issue of Value in Health, the authors Dr. Rachael L. Fleurence and Dr. Scott Ramsey, present the SUITABILITY Checklist. This tool is designed to help HTA organizations critically assess the quality and relevance of real-world data derived from EHRs. The checklist delves into data delineation and fitness-for-purpose, ensuring that the information used is not only accurate but also trustworthy and fit for the intended use.

Collaborative Approach and Standardization Key to Enhancing Health Technology Assessments

The report emphasizes the need for multi-stakeholder collaborations, which include healthcare providers, researchers, and policymakers, to refine and standardize the use of EHR data. Common standards for data collection and usage and targeted workforce training are also highlighted as critical steps toward improving the quality of health technology assessments.

An accompanying editorial in the same issue underscores the importance of these initiatives in enhancing the value assessment in healthcare. By promoting a collaborative approach, the framework aims to bridge gaps between different stakeholders, ensuring that data used in HTAs is robust and reliable. The editorial also stresses the role of standardized practices and continuous training for professionals involved in data handling and assessment. This ensures that the evaluations remain consistent and high-quality, ultimately leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Health Technology Assessment

ISPOR’s SUITABILITY Checklist Enhances EHR Data Accuracy and Standardization for Health Technology Assessments

The SUITABILITY Checklist is designed to ensure that Electronic Health Record data is evaluated thoroughly and accurately, which is crucial for reliable health outcomes and research. Collaborating with multiple stakeholders helps to create standardized data practices, ensuring consistency and reliability across different organizations and systems. Training the workforce is essential for maintaining high standards of data accuracy and relevance, which supports effective decision-making and health technology assessments. Adhering to common standards improves the reliability and credibility of health technology assessments, fostering trust and consistency in healthcare evaluations and outcomes.

The introduction of the SUITABILITY Checklist by ISPOR is a significant step towards optimizing the use of EHR data in health technology assessments. The framework not only promises to improve the quality of data but also fosters a collaborative environment among stakeholders. This initiative can significantly enhance the reliability and applicability of health technology assessments, leading to more informed and effective healthcare decisions.

As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of accurate, relevant, and standardized data cannot be overstated. Stakeholders must embrace these guidelines and actively participate in collaborative efforts to ensure the best possible outcomes in health technology assessments. By doing so, they can contribute to a more efficient and effective healthcare system that benefits patients and providers alike.


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Resource: Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research, June, 2024

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