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Healthcare Expansion: Cityblock Health Partners with Centene Corporation to Deliver Value-Based Care in Florida

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Healthcare provider Cityblock Health, specializing in value-based care for adult Medicaid beneficiaries, has been actively partnering with local healthcare plan providers to enhance access to care across the United States. These strategic collaborations aim to bring comprehensive and accessible healthcare services to underserved populations, ensuring that patients receive the care they need in a timely and convenient manner.

The latest addition to Cityblock Health’s expanding network is its partnership with Sunshine Health in Florida. This collaboration is set to provide a range of services to patients, including virtual consultations with care teams, in-home services, and local clinic visits. The initiative is designed to offer flexible and accessible healthcare options, catering to the diverse needs of Florida’s Medicaid beneficiaries.

In the official press release, Cityblock co-founder and CEO Dr. Toyin Ajayi expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Cityblock has seen incredible growth over the past few years, expanding our operations in both existing and new states. We are pleased to launch in a new market with a strong Florida leader like Sunshine Health and to expand our national partnership with Centene.”

Sunshine Health and Cityblock Partner to Enhance Whole-Person Healthcare in Florida

Sunshine Health, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, is committed to providing quality healthcare services with a focus on whole-person health. Nathan Landsbaum, president and CEO of Sunshine Health, remarked, “The heart of what we do at Sunshine Health is offer quality, accessible healthcare to Floridians with a focus on whole-person health. We are excited to partner with Cityblock to further diversify the ways we provide care to our members, engaging them in the modes they most prefer, to ultimately improve health outcomes.” This partnership in Florida follows successful collaborations in New York and Ohio, where Cityblock has teamed up with Centene Corporation’s subsidiaries to enhance healthcare delivery.

In New York, Cityblock partnered with Fidelis Care in February. This partnership aimed to improve access to care for patients in New York City and Long Island. Fidelis Care’s chief medical officer, Dr. Vincent Marchello, expressed the organization’s excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of providing personalized, quality care. He noted, “Fidelis Care is excited to partner with Cityblock to ensure our members receive personalized, quality care at the time and place they need it. By eliminating the barriers to healthcare, Cityblock and Fidelis Care will help improve the lives of our members.”

Dr. Kameron Matthews, Cityblock’s chief health officer, highlighted the necessity of driving better health outcomes for marginalized and underserved populations. She stated, “We firmly believe that it is not only possible but necessary, to drive better health outcomes for marginalized and underserved populations. We are honored to partner with Fidelis Care, which shares this vision for innovation and value-based care. Our work together is more important than ever to close any gaps in care to those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and economic changes over the last few years.”


Cityblock and Buckeye Health Partner to Advance Holistic Healthcare in Ohio

In January, Cityblock announced its partnership with Buckeye Health in Ohio, another Centene subsidiary. This collaboration focuses on addressing physical, behavioral, environmental, and social factors that can be barriers to early intervention and ongoing care. Buckeye Health’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brad Lucas, emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, stating, “Buckeye’s approach supports whole-person health. We are pleased to partner with Cityblock to further address physical, behavioral, environmental, and social factors that can be barriers to early intervention and ongoing care.”

Dr. Matthews echoed this sentiment, expressing excitement about the growth and innovation in Ohio’s Medicaid program. She said, “It’s been exciting to see the growth and innovation in Ohio’s Medicaid program over the past year, and we’re thrilled to work with Buckeye Health Plan to make high-quality healthcare more equitable and accessible for marginalized and underserved communities. We share Buckeye’s commitment to improve health outcomes through a value-based approach to whole-person care.”

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Cityblock Health’s strategic partnerships with Sunshine Health, Fidelis Care, and Buckeye Health underscore the company’s commitment to expanding access to value-based healthcare services across the United States. By collaborating with local healthcare plan providers and leveraging the support of Centene Corporation, Cityblock is poised to continue its mission of delivering comprehensive, personalized care to Medicaid beneficiaries. These partnerships not only enhance healthcare access but also aim to improve health outcomes for some of the most vulnerable populations, demonstrating the transformative potential of value-based care models in modern healthcare.


Resource: PR Newswire, May 24, 2024

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