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Healthcare Field Focus: NECA Launches 2025 Research Topic Demand Survey

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Medical research in the healthcare field is the focus as the Korea Institute of Health and Medical Research (NECA), led by President Jae-Tae Lee, announces the launch of the “2025 Research Topic Demand Survey,” open for participation until Wednesday, July 1, 2024. The primary objective of the “Research Topic Demand Survey” is to identify and address pressing issues in the healthcare field through timely and relevant research.

The survey seeks to support healthcare policy decision-making and system improvement, evaluate clinical risks associated with pharmaceuticals and medical practices, and develop clinical practice guidelines that can be implemented in medical settings. Participants are encouraged to suggest topics that address health care policy support, economic feasibility evaluations, and clinical outcomes.

The survey is open to anyone with an interest in healthcare, including the general public, healthcare professionals, industry and government workers, and patient groups. This broad participation aims to capture a wide range of perspectives and ideas. Those whose topics are selected for research and re-evaluation in 2025 may also have the opportunity to participate in the research process.

NECA Invites Stakeholder Input on Healthcare Research Priorities Through 2025 Demand Survey

The demand survey will be integrated across NECA’s major projects. Proposed topics will undergo internal and external review and deliberation to ensure they meet the institute’s standards and address critical health care issues. Selected topics will be researched and re-evaluated by NECA in 2025, with the nature of individual projects guiding the selection process.

By participating in the survey, individuals and groups have the chance to influence health care research directions and contribute to the development of policies and guidelines that improve public health and clinical practice. The survey provides a platform for stakeholders to express their needs and priorities, ensuring that NECA’s research aligns with societal demands and health care challenges.

President Jae-Tae Lee emphasized NECA’s role as a think tank dedicated to supporting the establishment of rational health care policies and fostering future medical innovation. He highlighted NECA’s commitment to producing effective research outcomes that contribute to a sustainable healthcare system and public health improvement. He called for active participation from health care sector officials and the public to achieve these goals.


NECA Launches 2025 Survey to Shape Future of Healthcare Research and Policy

The “2025 Research Topic Demand Survey” represents a significant effort by NECA to engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders in shaping the future of healthcare research. By aligning research efforts with societal demands and health care challenges, NECA aims to create a more responsive and effective healthcare system. The survey not only supports the development of evidence-based health care policies but also fosters collaboration between the public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers.

NECA encourages all interested parties to participate in the survey and contribute their ideas for health care research and policy development. This collaborative effort will help ensure that NECA’s research addresses the most pressing healthcare issues and supports the continuous improvement of health outcomes for all. The deadline for topic submissions is July 1, 2024, and NECA looks forward to the high level of interest and active participation from the healthcare community and the public. By engaging in this survey, participants have the opportunity to directly impact the future direction of health care research in Korea, ensuring that it remains relevant, effective, and beneficial for all stakeholders.

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Resource: The Korea Institute of Health and Medical Research, June 11, 2024

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