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Healthcare Improvement Scotland Inspects AME Aesthetics: Key Findings and Recommendations

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Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the regulator of independent healthcare services in Scotland, has inspected AME Aesthetics, a non-surgical treatment clinic based in Aberdeen. The inspection was carried out and aimed to ensure that the service was person-centered, safe, and well-led. The clinic, which provides a variety of aesthetic treatments, was evaluated against the National Health Services (Scotland) Act 1978, relevant regulations, and the Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Quality Assurance Framework.

The primary goal of the inspection was to assess how well AME Aesthetics engages with its stakeholders and manages its performance. The inspection team, which consisted of one inspector, spoke with the service owner (an aesthetics practitioner) and another aesthetics practitioner who is also a nurse prescriber. Feedback from 16 patients was collected through an online survey issued before the inspection.

AME Aesthetics has a governance structure in place, and staff expressed positive views about the service manager’s leadership, describing it as visible, approachable, and responsive. However, the service’s vision and purpose statement, which outlines its aims and objectives, was not visibly shared with staff and patients. A recommendation was made to share this statement more broadly and to develop a formal process for recording staff meetings and actions arising from them.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Recommends Enhancements for AME Aesthetics

The service actively sought patient feedback and provided information about treatments on its website. A fire safety risk self-assessment had been completed, and an incident and accident logbook was available. Policies were in place, and portable appliance testing was conducted regularly. Despite these measures, the inspection recommended a more proactive approach to risk assessment and management, including regular staff appraisals and the development of a quality improvement plan.

The inspection found that the clinic environment was clean and well-equipped, adhering to national guidelines for hygiene. Patients reported high levels of satisfaction, and feeling safe and well-cared for. Medications were in-date, and personal protective equipment was adequately stocked. However, there were some areas for improvement, such as ensuring all medication can be prescribed to individual patients, recording consent for information sharing in emergencies, and implementing a system to monitor medication.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland identified several requirements and recommendations for AME Aesthetics to address. The service must ensure all medication can be prescribed to individual patients and use appropriate single-use cleaning equipment, such as disposable mop heads. Recommendations include developing a formal process for recording staff meetings and actions, implementing a quality improvement plan, obtaining patient consent for sharing information with GPs and other medical staff in emergencies, introducing a checklist for regular medication checks, securely destroying original Disclosure Scotland PVG records and recording PVG scheme identification numbers for all staff, and conducting annual professional registration checks for all staff granted practicing privileges.


AME Aesthetics Urged to Enhance Quality and Safety Measures Following Inspection

The inspection report emphasized the importance of continuous quality improvement and adherence to best practices. AME Aesthetics was found to have a business continuity plan in place, ensuring patients could continue their treatment plans in case of emergencies. However, the service lacked comprehensive risk assessments and a formal audit program. Implementing these measures would help ensure ongoing safety and quality care.

AME Aesthetics provides a valuable service to its patients, offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a clean and professional environment. While the clinic has many strengths, including a positive leadership structure and high patient satisfaction, there are areas for improvement. By addressing the recommendations and requirements outlined in the inspection report, AME Aesthetics can enhance its service delivery, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and continue to provide high-quality, person-centered care.

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Healthcare Improvement Scotland will follow up on these recommendations in future inspections to ensure that AME Aesthetics implements the necessary improvements and maintains high standards of care. The detailed feedback from this inspection provides a roadmap for the clinic to enhance its operations and better serve its patients.


Resource: Healthcare Improvement Scotland, June 12, 2024

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