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Healthcare Spending Impact on Health Outcomes: A Global Review

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A comprehensive review of the implications of healthcare spending on health outcome measures has been conducted, aiming to provide insight into the cost-effectiveness threshold (CET) that guides funding decisions. The review looked at studies estimating the healthcare expenditure impact at the country level and presented an estimate in terms of cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) or disability-adjusted life year (DALY).

The study utilized various data sources like PubMed, Scopus, the York Research database, and an anonymized Reviews and Dissemination database. The search spanned from the databases’ inception to 1 August 2023. Inclusion criteria required the selected studies to be original articles presenting an estimate of healthcare spending impact in terms of QALY or DALY.

After a thorough examination, 18 studies with 385 estimates were included. The median estimates were PPP$ 11224 per QALY gained and PPP$ 5,963 per DALY averted. When compared to the Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDPPC), these estimates were 0.376 and 0.318 times of GDPPC, respectively.

Healthcare Spending

Reassessing Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds in Healthcare Spending

The results raise concerns about the commonly used CET of GDPPC. The review suggests that this measure may be excessive for all countries, especially those with low-to-middle income. These countries face greater potential health losses from the misallocation of funds.

The review process was transparent, with the complete protocol published and registered in PROSPERO. This study provides valuable insights into the global impact of healthcare spending on health outcomes and the need for a more effective allocation of resources.

Orijinal Article DOI: 10.1080/14737167.2023.2296562

Original title: Systematic review of the impact of health care expenditure on health outcome measures: implications for cost-effectiveness thresholds

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