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Heart Diseases Addressed by NWO-Hartstichting Partnership with €7.6 Million for Treatment Research

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Heart diseases especially hereditary types, often result in serious symptoms at a young age, significantly impacting patients and their surroundings. To address this, the NWO-Hartstichting partnership is funding interdisciplinary research focused on early detection, risk prediction, and therapy, aiming to extend life expectancy with a good quality of life. The research also considers the social aspects influencing these conditions.

Early detection and treatment of hereditary heart diseases can significantly improve life expectancy and quality of life. Preventing serious symptoms and providing optimal guidance and new treatments are crucial, both personally and socially. To support this goal, NWO and the Dutch Heart Foundation have allocated over 7.6 million euros for a new study aimed at enhancing early detection, risk prediction, and new treatments for hereditary heart diseases.

The call for proposals seeks to fund research that offers insights and results to improve early detection, risk prediction, and new treatments. The research will focus on the initial steps toward effective clinical application. This call addresses three interconnected sub-themes: early detection, risk prediction, and therapy.

Improving Detection and Treatment of Hereditary Heart Diseases in the Netherlands

Hereditary heart diseases can cause sudden, serious symptoms or lead to death at a young age. In the Netherlands, autopsies and DNA testing of young deceased individuals are not always performed, necessitating improvement. Interdisciplinary collaboration is required to better identify family members and invite them for genetic counseling.

Current knowledge is inadequate to accurately predict who will develop symptoms from hereditary heart disease, complicating treatment decisions and leading to over- or undertreatment. Improved risk prediction can enhance quality of life and optimize care. More insight into genetic and non-genetic causes is needed, along with a better national data infrastructure.

Existing treatments, such as lifestyle advice, medication, and ICDs, have disadvantages and are not always effective. There is a need to improve quality of life and develop new treatments, including gene therapies. Innovative research can improve survival rates and offer recovery prospects to a broader group of patients.

Heart Disease

NWO and Dutch Heart Foundation Offer €7.6M Grant for Hereditary Heart Disease Research

The subsidy ceiling for this call for proposals is over 7.6 million euros. Within this call, only one application will be awarded. NWO and the Dutch Heart Foundation each contribute 50% of the funding. The subsidy will initially cover the first three years, with a request for continuation required for the last three years.

On 11 July 2024, from 15:30 to 17:00, NWO will organize an online information meeting. Attendance is mandatory for those who wish to submit a partial application. More details will be available on the NWO website.

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This initiative by NWO and the Dutch Heart Foundation is a significant step towards improving the understanding and treatment of hereditary heart diseases. By fostering collaboration and funding research, they aim to achieve breakthroughs in early detection, risk prediction, and therapies, ultimately improving patients’ lives and reducing the societal impact of these conditions.


Resource: ZonMW, July 04, 2024

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