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Improving Health Security and Universal Health Coverage Strategies for Building Resilient Health Systems

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A resilient health system (RHS) is crucial for achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and health security, yet there is little understanding about strategies towards this goal. An extensive systematic review was conducted to synthesize the literature and better understand approaches to building such systems.

The research involved a systematic search of studies published from 2000 to 2021. The search used three databases and search terms under four domains: resilience, health system, universal health coverage, and health security. A systematic narrative synthesis was conducted to analyze and synthesize the data.

The findings from 57 articles highlighted that context-based redistribution of health workers, task-shifting policy, and results-based health financing policy contribute to building a resilient health system. High political commitment, community-based response planning, and multi-sectorial collaboration were identified as critical to realizing universal health coverage and health security.

Health Security

Fostering Resilience in Healthcare Systems for Universal Coverage and Health Security

On the other hand, barriers to achieving these goals include lack of access, non-responsive and inequitable healthcare services, poor surveillance, weak leadership, and income inequalities. Additional challenges are the lack of basic healthcare infrastructures, inadequately skilled health workforces, absence of clear government policy, lack of stakeholder role clarity, and uneven distribution of health facilities and health workers.

In conclusion, while advanced healthcare infrastructures and an adequate number of healthcare workers are essential to achieving UHC and health security, they are not sufficient on their own. Context-specific redistribution of health workers, task-shifting, result-based health financing policies, and integrated and multi-sectoral approaches, based on the principles of primary health care, are necessary for building a resilient health system.


Original Article DOI: 10.1186/s41256-023-00340-z

Original title: Building a resilient health system for universal health coverage and health security: a systematic review

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