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Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet Patented by Biruni University in Medical Technology Breakthrough

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Biruni University’s Faculty of Pharmacy in Turkiye has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a patent for the “ingestible Iontophoresis tablet,” a groundbreaking innovation in pharmaceutical technology. This tablet, which acts as a swallowable battery and is controlled by stomach acid balance, represents a significant advancement in drug delivery systems. Dean Prof. Dr. İsmail Tuncer DEĞİM and Dr. Gamze ÇAMLIK led the development and patent application for this innovative tablet.

The Ingestible Iontophoresis tablet is designed to adjust the dosage of the drug it delivers based on the body’s needs, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and promoting better health outcomes. The successful patenting of this technology marks a world-first achievement. The tablet’s ability to self-regulate the dosage of medication entering the body is essential for maintaining stomach health, addressing a critical need in pharmaceutical care.

This new technology underscores the importance of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. By utilizing the body’s natural processes, the Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet ensures precise drug delivery, reducing the risk of over- or under-dosing and improving patient outcomes. This approach also highlights the potential for similar advancements in other areas of medicine. Biruni University’s achievement demonstrates the institution’s commitment to advancing pharmaceutical science and its role as a leader in medical innovation.

Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet Patent Showcases Biruni University’s Medical Innovation

The faculty’s success in developing and patenting this technology is a testament to their dedication and expertise in the field. The patent for the Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet is not just a triumph for Biruni University but also a significant contribution to global healthcare. This innovation can potentially revolutionize how medications are administered, making treatments more efficient and patient-friendly.

The tablet’s unique ability to interact with stomach acid to regulate drug dosage paves the way for future developments in personalized medicine. This advancement in drug delivery systems could lead to more effective treatments for a variety of conditions, improving overall patient care. The ability to fine-tune medication dosages within the body represents a leap forward in ensuring optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Biruni University’s commitment to innovation is evident in the success of this patent application, reflecting a broader dedication to fostering excellence in pharmaceutical sciences. The university’s focus on research and development continues to drive significant advancements in medical technology, benefiting both patients and the healthcare industry at large. Dean Prof. Dr. İsmail Tuncer DEĞİM and Dr. Gamze ÇAMLIK’s work exemplifies the cutting-edge research being conducted at Biruni University.

Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet

Biruni University’s Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet Sets New Benchmark in Drug Delivery Technology

Their dedication to improving drug delivery methods is indicative of the high standards of academic and practical excellence upheld by the institution. The Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet sets a new benchmark in drug delivery technology. Its successful development and patenting could inspire further research into similar technologies, potentially leading to a new generation of smart drug delivery systems. These advancements have the potential to significantly enhance the precision and effectiveness of medical treatments, benefiting countless patients worldwide.

The patent success of Biruni University’s Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet is a groundbreaking achievement in the pharmaceutical industry. This innovative technology, capable of adjusting drug dosages based on stomach acid balance, marks a significant step forward in drug delivery systems.

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The university’s dedication to advancing medical science is demonstrated through this achievement, promising a brighter future for patient care and medical innovation. An accompanying image depicts a futuristic pharmaceutical lab with scientists working on advanced drug delivery systems. Include visuals of the Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet in the process of being developed or tested, highlighting the technological sophistication and innovative nature of the work.

Biruni University’s Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet Revolutionizes Drug Delivery Technology

The Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet represents a significant step forward in drug delivery technology. Its ability to self-regulate dosage based on stomach acid balance reduces the risk of over- or under-dosing, thus enhancing patient safety and treatment efficacy. Biruni University’s innovative approach demonstrates the potential for further advancements in personalized medicine and highlights the importance of continued research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. This achievement underscores the university’s role as a leader in medical innovation and its commitment to improving global healthcare outcomes.

Biruni University’s successful patenting of the Ingestible Iontophoresis Tablet is a remarkable advancement in pharmaceutical technology. This innovative approach to drug delivery, which allows for self-regulation of dosage based on stomach acid balance, has the potential to revolutionize treatment protocols and improve patient outcomes.

The university’s dedication to research and innovation continues to drive significant progress in the healthcare sector, setting a new standard for excellence in medical science. The development and patenting of this tablet mark an important milestone, not just for Biruni University but for the global healthcare community, promising a future of more efficient, patient-friendly, and effective treatments.


Resource: Biruni University, July 03, 2024

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