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Innovation Access Program in the Catalan Health System Spearheads Technological Advancements

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The Innovation Access Program in the Catalan Health System (PASS) aims to expedite and facilitate the integration of valuable innovations and technologies into the Catalan Health System. This pioneering project is a collaboration between AQuAS, the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut), and Biocat. The initiative was presented at the Health Revolution Congress, organized by Barcelona Health Hub, with over 150 health innovation experts in attendance.

PASS is managed by the Subcommission for the Adoption of Innovation in the Health System, coordinated by Biocat, and overseen by the Departmental Commission for Innovation and Transformation of the Health System. This program is designed to map, register, identify, prioritize, and support innovations within Catalonia, ensuring that valuable advancements can be systematically and comprehensively integrated into the health centers and the broader Health System of Catalonia. The program also considers potential impacts on the private sector, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of life for the population, particularly patients.

Streamlining Innovation in Catalonia: PASS Enhances Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Technologies

The primary objective of PASS is to streamline the adoption of innovative solutions in the health sector, ensuring that cutting-edge technologies and practices are swiftly incorporated into the Catalan Health System. By prioritizing high-value innovations, the program seeks to improve patient care, operational efficiency, and overall health outcomes in Catalonia. The collaboration between AQuAS, CatSalut, and Biocat ensures that the program benefits from a diverse range of expertise and resources.

PASS operates within a structured framework to facilitate the integration of innovations. This includes mapping and registering new technologies, identifying those with the highest potential impact, and providing the necessary support for their adoption. The program’s framework ensures that innovations are evaluated rigorously, with a focus on their practical application and benefits to the health system. This systematic approach helps to maximize the effectiveness of new technologies and ensures their successful implementation.

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Catalan Health System Advances with PASS: A Model for Innovation and Improved Patient Care

The introduction of PASS marks a significant step forward for the Catalan Health System. By fostering a culture of innovation and ensuring the rapid adoption of new technologies, the program is expected to drive significant improvements in patient care and system efficiency. The collaborative nature of the program, involving multiple stakeholders, enhances its potential to deliver meaningful and sustainable changes. The ultimate goal is to create a health system that is more responsive to the needs of patients and more adept at integrating new solutions.

Looking ahead, the success of PASS could serve as a model for other regions and countries aiming to enhance their health systems through innovation. The program’s focus on collaboration, prioritization, and systematic support provides a blueprint for how health systems can effectively embrace new technologies. As PASS continues to evolve, it will be essential to monitor its impact and adapt the framework as needed to ensure ongoing improvements in the quality of health care in Catalonia.


Resource: Health Quality and Assessmennt Agency of Catalonia, May 17, 2024

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