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Innovation and Research Funding Opportunities Highlighted in Latest NIRO Edition

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The latest quarterly edition of NIRO, which stands for Navigating Innovation & Research Opportunities, has been released. This edition lists current and forthcoming research and innovation (R&I) funding opportunities from a variety of programs and initiatives. Highlighted opportunities include IHI Call 8, MSCA COFUND doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship programs, BARDA EZ-BAA funding opportunities, and BMGF Grant Opportunities.

Launched in July 2023, NIRO is a free digital tool that provides access to information on health-related R&I funding opportunities. These opportunities are available at the EU level and from national ministries, agencies, and organizations within and beyond the EU. NIRO allows individual researchers and research teams from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, as well as academia, to identify suitable R&I initiatives by completing a short questionnaire.

NIRO’s Latest Update Highlights Key Health Research and Innovation Funding Opportunities

Developed with the support of FTI Consulting, NIRO is continuously available and is updated quarterly. The latest update includes a diverse array of funding sources aimed at supporting health research and innovation. The next update is planned for September 2024, ensuring that researchers have ongoing access to the most current funding information.

The current edition of NIRO features several key funding opportunities: IHI Call 8, a significant call for health innovation projects; MSCA COFUND, doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship programs aimed at enhancing training and career development; BARDA EZ-BAA, funding opportunities focused on advanced research and development; and BMGF Grant Opportunities, grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at global health initiatives. These opportunities are designed to support a wide range of research activities, from basic science to applied research, and from early-stage investigators to established researchers.


Essential Tool for Researchers Seeking Health Research and Innovation Funding

NIRO plays a crucial role in guiding researchers to suitable funding opportunities, thereby fostering innovation and advancement in health research. By consolidating information about various funding sources, NIRO helps streamline the process of finding and applying for grants, making it easier for researchers to secure the resources they need to advance their work.

The latest edition of NIRO is an essential resource for researchers looking to navigate and leverage various R&I funding opportunities. By offering a comprehensive and regularly updated list of funding sources, NIRO supports the advancement of health research and innovation across multiple sectors. Researchers are encouraged to utilize this tool to stay informed about the latest funding opportunities and enhance their research initiatives.


Resource: European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, July 11, 2024

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