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IQWiG’s Global Engagement and HTA Advancements: Insights from May 2024

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In May 2024, the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) released several notable updates that underscore its ongoing commitment to international collaboration and the advancement of health technology assessment (HTA) methods. These updates reflect IQWiG’s dedication to improving healthcare outcomes through rigorous assessment and quality assurance processes, as well as its active engagement with global HTA networks and agencies.

By participating in international exchanges and fostering partnerships, IQWiG aims to stay at the forefront of HTA developments, ensuring that its methodologies remain robust, relevant, and beneficial to health systems worldwide. The following summaries provide an overview of the key developments and events announced by IQWiG during this period, illustrating the institute’s efforts to enhance healthcare quality and efficiency through collaborative initiatives.

Taiwan’s Health Director Visits IQWiG to Enhance HTA Methodologies

At the end of April 2024, Mao-Ting Sheen, the Health Director of the Taipei Representative Office in the EU, visited the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) to gain insights into its tasks and methodologies. Taiwan is in the process of expanding health technology assessment (HTA) in its healthcare system and sought IQWiG’s expertise to guide this initiative. During the visit, IQWiG researchers provided detailed explanations of their approaches to both drug and non-drug intervention assessments, as well as the rigorous quality assurance processes for their reports.

The visit underscored the mutual benefits of international collaboration, with both parties agreeing to continue exchanging knowledge and experience. This exchange is expected to facilitate Taiwan’s efforts to enhance its HTA capabilities, while also allowing IQWiG to learn from Taiwan’s unique healthcare challenges and solutions. The discussions highlighted specific methodologies used by IQWiG in evaluating healthcare interventions, including their systematic approach to evidence gathering, analysis, and reporting.

IQWiG Leverages INAHTA Membership to Drive Global HTA Innovations

As a member of the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA), IQWiG benefits from a global pool of knowledge and experience, which it then contributes to and draws from. This membership allows IQWiG to stay at the forefront of global HTA developments, supporting early-stage developments and methods in the field. The interaction with Taiwan exemplifies how IQWiG’s involvement in INAHTA facilitates the adoption of international best practices and innovations in HTA.

IQWiG’s role in INAHTA enables it to participate in a broader dialogue on healthcare assessment, ensuring that its methodologies are continuously refined and updated in line with global standards. This proactive engagement with international partners helps IQWiG remain a leader in the field, contributing to the development of robust HTA practices worldwide. The visit from the Taiwanese delegation not only benefited Taiwan’s HTA expansion efforts but also provided IQWiG with valuable feedback and perspectives that can enhance its own processes.

The reciprocal nature of such collaborations is evident, as both Taiwan and IQWiG stand to gain from this ongoing relationship. Taiwan’s interest in IQWiG’s methods and the detailed exchanges that took place during the visit highlight the importance of global cooperation in addressing healthcare challenges. By learning from each other, both parties can improve their respective healthcare systems, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient use of resources.

In summary, IQWiG’s updates in May 2024 emphasize the institute’s role in fostering international collaboration and enhancing HTA methodologies. The visit from the Taiwanese delegation highlights the importance of global knowledge exchange in improving healthcare systems. By engaging with international partners and networks like INAHTA, IQWiG continues to support and influence HTA practices worldwide, ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare assessments. (

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