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Iran’s Medical Tourism Boom: Leading in Complex Surgeries and Organ Transplants

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Iran has made significant strides in medical tourism, with 290 healthcare centers now offering advanced treatments to international patients. Dr. Seyed Hashem Daryabari, Head of the Center for Monitoring and Accreditation of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and acting head of the Health Tourism Center, highlighted that last year, Iran welcomed 1.8 million international patients. He emphasized the importance of legal patient exchange from the country of origin to the destination.

During the 29th meeting of G5 member countries, Dr. Daryabari provided an overview of Iran’s healthcare performance and hospital strategies aimed at enhancing medical tourism. He outlined a system for hospital bed allocation to meet the country’s needs by 2030, ensuring equitable access to inpatient services. This model allows all provinces to provide between 84% and 100% of inpatient services, promoting fair distribution of hospital beds across the nation.

Currently, Iran has 1,100 hospitals and 165,000 hospital beds. Under the current administration, 106 hospitals with a total of 17,000 beds have been equipped and launched. Additionally, the country boasts 60,000 specialist doctors, 90,000 general practitioners, and 33,000 healthcare centers serving the population. In terms of tariffs and health strategies, Dr. Daryabari mentioned plans for resource distribution, health economics, optimal use of national health resources, and performance-based payment systems.

Leading in Organ Transplants and Infertility Treatments

In the realm of health technology assessment (HTA), financial protection programs for target groups, health system cost control, and incentives for service providers, Iran has made notable progress. Dr. Daryabari pointed out that Iran excels in organ transplants, with 456,000 brain deaths annually and 1,121 organ donations recorded in 2023. Currently, the country operates 28 kidney transplant centers, 13 liver transplant centers, 10 heart transplant centers, 3 lung transplant centers, 5 pancreas transplant centers, one small intestine transplant center, and 22 tissue and organ procurement centers.

Additionally, Iran offers various infertility treatments, positioning itself as a positive destination for health tourism services. The Ministry of Health reported that Iran has 290 authorized IPD (International Patient Department) centers, capable of providing healthcare services to international patients. Of these, 56% are private centers, and 44% are public centers.

Dr. Daryabari emphasized the importance of legal patient exchange through official channels from the country of origin to the destination. Last year, over 1.8 million health tourists visited Iran for medical services, receiving treatment in the country’s healthcare facilities. This influx of international patients highlights Iran’s growing reputation as a hub for advanced medical treatments and services.

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Iran’s Healthcare Excellence: Leading in Medical Tourism and Cancer Care

The comprehensive management program for cancer diseases and the expansion of services offered to international patients reflect Iran’s commitment to enhancing healthcare. By focusing on equitable access to healthcare resources and continuously improving medical services, Iran aims to attract more health tourists and provide high-quality treatments.

Iran’s advancements in medical tourism and organ transplants position it as a leader in the healthcare sector. With 290 healthcare centers authorized to treat international patients and a robust infrastructure for organ transplants and infertility treatments, Iran is well-equipped to meet the needs of both domestic and international patients. Dr. Daryabari’s emphasis on legal patient exchange and the equitable distribution of healthcare resources underscores the country’s dedication to improving health outcomes and promoting medical tourism.

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Resource: Iranian Students News Agency, June 30, 2024

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