Monday, July 15, 2024

ISPOR Announced Expansion of Editorial Scope and Transition to Gold Open Access Model

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Value in Health Regional Issues, the official journal of ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research, has unveiled plans for significant developments that include an expansion of its editorial scope and a transition to a gold open-access journal by 2025.

The journal achieved a significant milestone in June 2023 when it received its first-ever impact factor score of 2.0, signaling its continued growth and influence in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). The expansion of the journal’s editorial scope to now accept submissions from North America and Western Europe represents a significant step forward in its evolution. This expansion aligns with the increasing global relevance of HEOR, while the research published in the journal will maintain its core focus on the health outcomes and policies affecting regional populations.

Bridging Global Health Research Gaps through International Collaboration by ISPOR

In an editorial penned by the Editor-in-Chief, Manuel A. Espinoza, MD, PhD, MSc, published in the January 2024 issue of Value in Health Regional Issues, the commitment to serving the international HEOR community is reaffirmed. The journal aims to provide a platform for research from regions where HEOR capabilities are still developing. The goal is to encourage collaboration that investigates specific geographic regions’ populations and health policies while offering valuable insights to a global audience of HEOR professionals, decision-makers, and policymakers. The research contributions should be relevant not only to local contexts but also to the broader international HEOR community, promoting the transfer, adaptation, or application of insights in other countries.


Embracing Gold Open Access in 2025 to Advance Healthcare Research Globally

An integral part of the journal’s ongoing development is the transition to a gold open-access model, scheduled for completion in 2025. This transition aligns with ISPOR’s mission and strategic vision, emphasizing the generation of research and evidence to inform healthcare decisions and enhance health outcomes worldwide. During the transition year, all authors of accepted papers will have their article processing charges (APCs) completely waived, eliminating the fees typically associated with publishing in gold open-access journals. Subsequently, a combination of public-private partnerships, transformative agreements, and generous fee waivers and discounts will provide financial support options for authors looking to publish in Value in Health Regional Issues.

These changes underscore ISPOR’s commitment to ongoing quality improvement for Value in Health Regional Issues. By expanding the journal’s editorial scope and adopting a gold open-access model, the publication aims to advance the field of HEOR by making its vital research readily accessible to readers across the globe. Through these initiatives, the journal reinforces its dedication to the global HEOR community and its mission to enhance healthcare decision-making and improve health outcomes for all.


Resource: ISPOR, January 23, 2024

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