Tuesday, July 16, 2024

June 2024 Milestones for Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care

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There has been a significant development this month at the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) with the appointment of a new Deputy Director. This change in leadership brings a seasoned expert back to IQWiG, promising to drive further advancements in the field of evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Michaela Eikermann has been appointed as the new Deputy Director of IQWiG, taking up her position on June 1, 2024. She succeeds PD Dr. Stefan Lange, who had held the position for over 19 years. Dr. Eikermann, a medical doctor, brings a wealth of experience in evidence-based medicine. She previously served as the Head of the Division of Evidence-Based Medicine at the German Federal Medical Service (Medizinischer Dienst Bund) since 2015, where she was responsible for a broad array of topics including new examination and treatment methods, diagnostic and screening procedures, digital health requirements, and disease management programs. Additionally, she oversaw the IGeL Monitor, which publishes evidence-based assessments of individual healthcare services. Her extensive background also includes leading the Department of Evidence-Based Health Services Research at the Institute for Research in Operative Medicine (IFOM) at Witten/Herdecke University and serving as chairwoman of the German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine.

In her new role at IQWiG, Dr. Eikermann expressed her enthusiasm for continuing the institute’s legacy of innovation and excellence. She aims to leverage her experience to further develop IQWiG both professionally and organizationally, ensuring it is well-prepared for future challenges. Dr. Eikermann also plans to expand the range of assessment and reporting formats to better meet the diverse needs of stakeholders. IQWiG Director Thomas Kaiser highlighted Dr. Eikermann’s proven expertise and her potential to contribute significantly to the institute’s ongoing success.

The appointment of Dr. Michaela Eikermann as the new Deputy Director of IQWiG marks a promising new chapter for the institute. Her extensive experience in evidence-based medicine and her leadership roles in various healthcare organizations position her to drive continued innovation and excellence at IQWiG. Dr. Eikermann’s vision for expanding assessment and reporting formats and enhancing organizational efficiency will be pivotal in addressing future healthcare challenges and ensuring the institute’s sustained success.

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