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Laboratory Materials Procurement: AEMPS Introduces Dynamic Acquisition System for Enhanced Efficiency

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The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) has announced the implementation of a dynamic acquisition system, SDA 1/2024, to streamline the procurement of laboratory materials and products for its official control laboratories. This new system, effective from May 29, 2024, to May 28, 2029, aims to facilitate agile and recurrent acquisitions, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness in laboratory settings.

Under this dynamic acquisition system (SDA), AEMPS will be able to select suppliers who meet the established requirements and criteria outlined in the tender documents. The system is divided into two categories: reagents and contrast media, and consumable materials. Suppliers can choose to participate in one or both categories, depending on their product offerings and capabilities.

Laboratory Materials Procurement Enhanced: AEMPS Introduces Flexible and Responsive Acquisition System

The introduction of this system represents a significant advancement in the procurement process for AEMPS’s laboratories. By enabling a more flexible and responsive acquisition framework, AEMPS aims to ensure that its laboratories are well-equipped with the necessary materials and products to conduct their essential control functions effectively. The dynamic nature of the system allows for continuous supplier engagement and the ability to respond quickly to emerging needs and technological advancements.

The five-year term of the SDA, with no possibility of extension, underscores AEMPS’s commitment to periodic review and renewal of procurement processes to align with evolving industry standards and requirements. Interested economic operators can apply to join the SDA at any time during this period by submitting their application via email.

Laboratory Materials

Laboratory Materials Procurement: AEMPS Launches Digital and Transparent Acquisition System

The entire admission procedure is conducted electronically through the Public Sector Procurement Platform, requiring economic operators to be registered users of the platform. This digital approach not only simplifies the application process but also ensures transparency and accessibility for all potential suppliers. Once admitted, suppliers will be able to participate in specific contract tenders under the SDA, providing them with opportunities to supply AEMPS’s laboratories with essential materials and products.

AEMPS’s launch of the SDA 1/2024 marks a strategic effort to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its laboratory operations. By adopting a dynamic acquisition system, AEMPS aims to foster a competitive procurement environment, ensuring that its laboratories have access to high-quality materials and products, thus supporting their critical role in safeguarding public health and safety. This initiative reflects AEMPS’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in its operational practices.


Resource: Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, May 30, 2024

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