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Low Willingness to Pay for Social Health Insurance Among Ethiopian Public Servants

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Despite various studies focused on the willingness to pay for social health insurance in Ethiopia, there has been a lack of aggregated national-level data. Equitable and accessible healthcare is a universal goal, but out-of-pocket payments can limit access to necessary services, especially in developing countries. To address these financial barriers, many low and middle-income countries have introduced prepayment mechanisms.

To estimate the pooled magnitude of willingness to pay for health insurance and identify associated factors among public servants in Ethiopia, a systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted. The study incorporated data from research conducted before June 1, 2022, retrieved from a variety of databases and digital repositories. Data extraction and analysis were completed using Microsoft Excel and STATA 16 statistical software. Various measures were used to assess the quality of the studies, evaluate publication bias, and determine the study’s heterogeneity.

Social Health Insurance

Nearly Half of Ethiopian Public Servants Willing to Pay for Social Health Insurance

The study incorporated twenty articles involving a total of 8744 participants. The pooled magnitude of willingness to pay for Social Health Insurance in Ethiopia was found to be 49.62%. Factors significantly associated with willingness to pay for the insurance scheme included monthly salary, educational status, family size, the difficulty of paying medical bills, quality of healthcare services, awareness, and attitude towards the Social Health Insurance program.

The review concluded that the willingness to pay for health insurance among public Civil servants in Ethiopia is low. Recommendations include conducting awareness creation through on-the-job training about Social Health Insurance benefit packages and principles to improve the willingness to pay among public servants. This would provide an opportunity to increase participation in social health insurance schemes and thereby help to overcome financial barriers to accessing healthcare.


Orijinal Article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0293513

Original title: Willingness to pay for Social Health Insurance and associated factors among Public Civil Servants in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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