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Lumbar Cartridge Receives FDA Breakthrough Status from Canary Medical

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Lumbar cartridge canturio from canary medical has achieved a significant milestone receiving breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The canturio lc is a smart spine device designed for use in lumbar spinal fusion surgeries, particularly with a Lumbar Interbody System spanning from L1 to S1. This advanced device features the Canary Health Implanted Reporting Processor (CHIRP) System, which is engineered to collect various kinematic measures for a minimum of ten years.

The canturio lc’s primary function is to gather objective kinematic data from the implanted medical device. This data collection is crucial for monitoring the progression of spinal fusion and detecting any significant instability, partial fusion, or non-fusion following surgery. By continuously collecting data, the canturio lc provides a comprehensive overview of patient recovery, helping clinicians to assess the success of the fusion process and identify any potential issues early.

Lumbar Cartridge: Canary Medical’s Data Platform Revolutionizes Post-Operative Care and Patient Management

Canary Medical’s data platform plays a pivotal role in this process. It offers frequent, objective aggregate population data to clinicians, allowing them to compare each patient’s recovery progress against their peers based on age, gender, and time since surgery. This comparative analysis is instrumental in augmenting in-office examinations and updating care plans within the year following surgery. The ability to monitor and compare patient data in such a detailed manner represents a significant advancement in post-operative care and patient management.

The canturio lc is similar in design to the Canturio Tibial Extension, which is also engineered to gather various kinematic measures for at least ten years. This consistency in design ensures reliable data collection across different types of orthopedic implants, enhancing the overall effectiveness of Canary Medical’s smart device portfolio.

The breakthrough designation for the canturio lc marks the fourth time a Canary Medical product has received this prestigious recognition from the FDA. This achievement highlights the company’s leadership in the development of smart orthopedic devices. Previous breakthrough designations were awarded for their smart knee, followed by hip and shoulder applications. This consistent recognition underscores the innovative nature and potential impact of Canary Medical’s technology on the medical device industry.

Lumbar Cartridge

Breakthrough Status for Follows FDA Clearance of Canturio Smart Extension

The announcement of the canturio lc’s breakthrough status follows the recent FDA clearance of the Canturio Smart Extension (canturio se). The canturio se is a 30mm smart tibial stem extension that integrates with Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ – The Smart Knee. This smart knee system combines advanced technology with traditional orthopedic implants to enhance patient outcomes through continuous monitoring and data collection.

The canturio lc’s ability to provide detailed, long-term kinematic data sets it apart from traditional spinal fusion devices. By enabling continuous monitoring and providing a comprehensive view of patient recovery, the canturio lc helps to ensure that patients receive the most effective and timely care possible. This capability is particularly important in the context of spinal fusion surgeries, where the success of the procedure heavily depends on the stability and integrity of the fusion over time.

Canary Medical’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of smart medical devices is evident in their ongoing efforts to develop and improve their product offerings. The breakthrough designation for the canturio lc not only validates the company’s technological advancements but also sets the stage for future developments in smart orthopedic devices.

In summary, the Canturio Lumbar Cartridge represents a significant advancement in the field of spinal fusion surgery. Its ability to collect long-term kinematic data and provide a comprehensive overview of patient recovery makes it a valuable tool for clinicians. The breakthrough designation from the FDA underscores the importance and potential impact of this innovative device. As Canary Medical continues to push the boundaries of smart medical technology, patients and healthcare providers alike stand to benefit from improved outcomes and enhanced post-operative care.

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Resource: Medical Device Network, May 30, 2024

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