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Medical Science Output: Iran Ranks Among Top 20 Countries, Says ISC

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Medical science advancements have propelled Iran into the top 20 countries in terms of publications indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases in 2023, according to data from the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC). This achievement highlights Iran’s significant advancements in the health and medical fields.

Ahmad Fazel-Zadeh, the head of ISC, announced that Iran ranks 16th in Scopus and 17th in Web of Science for medical science publications. This is a notable accomplishment given the competitive landscape of global scientific research. The ISC report also covers scientific and technological outputs in the medical sector, as well as the most-cited researchers and the global rankings of Iranian medical universities.

Medical Science: Iran Secures Top 20 Spot in Global Scientific Output, Following China and the US

China and the United States lead the world in scientific output in both Scopus and Web of Science databases. Despite this, Iran has made impressive strides, securing its place among the top 20. In the Web of Science database, Iranian medical and health researchers have produced 158,678 documents, making it the second-highest scientific output from the country, following engineering, technology, and natural sciences.

The ISC report indicates that within the medical and health sciences domain, Iranian researchers have focused heavily on clinical medicine, basic medical sciences, and health sciences. These areas have seen the highest research outputs, showcasing the depth and breadth of Iran’s contributions to medical science.

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Medical Science: Iranian Universities Achieve Top Global and Islamic World Rankings

The ISC-2023 global and Islamic world rankings reveal that 23 Iranian medical universities are recognized globally, and 24 are ranked within the Islamic world. Among these institutions, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences stand out as the top three in both global and Islamic world rankings. These universities have been pivotal in driving research and innovation in the medical sciences.

The report by ISC serves to underscore Iran’s progress in medical sciences and its commitment to advancing healthcare research. The ISC, a non-profit organization, aims to promote scientific research and development within the Islamic world, and this report highlights the significant achievements of Iranian researchers and institutions.

Iran’s strong performance in medical science publications reflects the country’s growing emphasis on scientific research and its potential to contribute to global health advancements. The focus on clinical medicine, basic medical sciences, and health sciences aligns with global healthcare priorities, positioning Iran as a key player in medical research.

Iran’s ranking among the top 20 countries in medical science output is a testament to the country’s dedication to advancing healthcare research. With continued support and investment in scientific research, Iran is poised to make further contributions to global medical science, benefiting not only its own population but also the international community. The achievements of Iranian medical universities and researchers, as highlighted by the ISC, illustrate the country’s potential to lead in medical innovations and improve healthcare outcomes worldwide.

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Resource: İslamic Republic News Agency, May 25, 2024

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