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Medical Technologies in Focus: RedETS 2024 Plan for Comprehensive Evaluation Unveiled

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Spain’s RedETS (Spanish Network of HTA Agencies) released its working plan for the year, underlining a comprehensive focus on advanced medical technologies. The plan covers a wide range of healthcare areas including cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics, and robotic surgery among others. This broad scope demonstrates RedETS’s commitment to evaluating medical technologies that could significantly enhance healthcare outcomes across various medical fields. The 2024 working plan includes a diverse array of technologies slated for evaluation.

Noteworthy examples include percutaneous systems for tricuspid valve repair and the innovative use of 3D-printed models in planning complex oncological surgeries. These assessments aim to determine the effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of new medical interventions which are pivotal in advancing Spain’s healthcare services. Further emphasizing the role of cutting-edge technology in modern healthcare, the plan also reviews the combined use of electromagnetic navigation and cone beam computed tomography for pulmonary nodules.

RedETS 2024 Plan Highlights Advanced Medical Technologies for Improved Patient Outcomes

Methods for early detection of graft damage in organ transplant recipients using next-generation sequencing demonstrate RedETS’s focus on improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. The working plan addresses specific medical areas such as men’s health, with an update on the cost-effectiveness of prostate cancer screening, and movement disorders, where high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is evaluated for its treatment efficacy. Moreover, in gynecology, the Sentinel lymph node biopsy technique for endometrial cancer is under review, showcasing the initiative’s commitment to enhancing diagnostic precision and treatment in critical care areas.

Each medical technologies assessed by RedETS is chosen based on its potential to impact clinical practice significantly. The evaluations conducted are crucial for shaping future healthcare policies in Spain, ensuring that only the most effective and efficient technologies are integrated into healthcare practice. These assessments also provide essential data that aid in optimizing patient care and managing healthcare expenditures effectively.

Medical Technologies

Shaping Market Access and Advancing Medical Technologies Across Europe

The 2024 RedETS working plan not only aids in the advancement of medical technologies but also plays a vital role in market access strategies. By determining the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of various treatments and procedures, RedETS influences which medical technologies are reimbursed and how they are implemented across Spain. This process is integral to the broader landscape of European health economics and market access, impacting decisions far beyond national borders.

As RedETS continues to evaluate and report on advanced medical technologies, its work underscores the importance of HTA in healthcare innovation and policy formulation. The outcomes of these assessments are anticipated to guide significant decisions in healthcare provisioning and access, ensuring that effective innovations reach patients while maintaining sustainability in healthcare spending.


Resource: Spanish Network of HTA Agencies, June, 2024

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