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Menstruation Education Boosted by Bayer’s Midol with New PeriodTalk Campaign

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Bayer’s Midol brand has teamed up with the nonprofit organization Period to launch the “PeriodTalk with Midol” campaign, aimed at addressing the widespread lack of education about menstruation and the available options for symptom relief. A recent survey conducted by Midol and Period revealed that a significant portion of menstruating adults are not adequately informed about their periods and the treatments that can help alleviate symptoms.

The “PeriodTalk with Midol” campaign was launched to coincide with National Menstrual Health Awareness Month. Through this initiative, Midol and Period aims to foster open and candid conversations about menstruation and the menstrual cycle. They also seek to provide comprehensive information about medications and other resources available to help manage period symptoms. The goal is to offer alternatives to the common practices of either avoiding daily activities due to menstruation pain or simply “pushing through” the discomfort without seeking relief.

A major highlight of the campaign is the PeriodTalk roundtable discussion, which will be hosted by Dr. Charis Chambers, an OBGYN and social media personality known as “The Period Doctor,” and Victoria Garrick Browne, a social media creator and Midol partner. This discussion is scheduled to take place in New York City and will feature open dialogues about periods. The aim is to normalize conversations about menstruation, which is often considered a taboo subject, and to de-normalize the actual physical discomfort that many experience during their menstruations.

Highlighting Knowledge Gaps and Urges Open Discussions on Menstrual Symptoms

Dr. Chambers emphasized the need for a greater understanding of the diverse range of symptoms that people may experience during their menstrual cycles. She stated, “There continues to be a significant knowledge gap around the spectrum of symptoms and the physiological effects of the menstrual cycle phases. Understanding the diverse range of symptoms people may experience during their menstruations is crucial. I pledge to champion open discussions about period discomfort and provide effective solutions for support with my patients and I encourage all of my colleagues to do the same.”

The survey conducted by Midol and Period in April included 271 U.S. adults who menstruate. It found that only about 40% of respondents could name the four phases of the menstrual cycle, and half reported that they did not know what was happening when they first experienced period symptoms. On the symptoms front, more than 85% of respondents said the effects of their periods had impacted their daily lives within the preceding three months. While over 40% indicated that their symptoms had prevented them from fully engaging in their school, work, or home lives, more than 70% somewhat agreed that they felt the need to “push through” their symptoms rather than seek relief.


Tackling Menstruation Stigma with Midol’s PeriodTalk Campaign

Kana Schmidt, the North America marketing director for Bayer’s pain and cardio division, addressed the societal pressures surrounding menstruation, stating, “Societal pressures to just ‘push through discomfort’ have led to a lack of conversation and significant relief gaps—a perfect storm that has contributed to the normalization of discomfort during your menstrual cycle. Midol believes that Comfort is Power and is dedicated to helping people with periods seek comfort by sparking real conversation and normalizing talk about periods with the launch of the PeriodTalk with Midol campaign.”

In addition to the campaign, Bayer has recently launched its first Midol-branded drug-free supplement, Peace Out PMS. This supplement is designed to help ease common menstruation symptoms such as bloating, breast tenderness, and mild mood changes through the use of chasteberry extract. However, like all dietary supplements, its safety and effectiveness have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Overall, the “PeriodTalk with Midol” campaign represents a significant step towards improving menstrual health education and breaking the silence surrounding menstruation-related discomfort. By promoting open discussions and providing valuable information, Midol and Period aim to empower individuals to seek the relief they need and improve their quality of life during their menstrual cycles.

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Resource: Fierce Pharma, May 09, 2024

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