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Mental Health Research: NIHR Allocates £1.5 Million for Crisis Response Initiative in Greater Manchester

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This report was prepared by NIHR and these are the details below: NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) has allocated £1.5 million in funding to support a novel mental health research initiative in Greater Manchester, as revealed in a recently published report. The project’s primary objective is to assess the effectiveness of a joint response service designed to enhance emergency care for young individuals grappling with mental health crises.

Throughout an extensive three-year duration, the study embarks on a profound exploration into the capabilities and effectiveness of the collaborative response service. This ambitious endeavor seeks to meticulously evaluate the service’s ability to deliver timely and compassionate aid to individuals grappling with mental health crises. At its core, the initiative revolves around a synergistic partnership between dedicated children’s mental health practitioners and vigilant police officers. Together, these professionals form an integrated team poised to respond promptly to calls related to mental health emergencies, thereby bridging critical gaps in the current landscape of mental health care provision for young individuals.

The genesis of this innovative approach stems from a resounding call to action prompted by the palpable shortcomings evident in the existing emergency mental health care infrastructure. A pivotal moment arrived with the revelation of findings from a comprehensive 2022 survey, which laid bare the profound dissatisfaction prevalent among parents regarding the quality and accessibility of mental health services tailored to the needs of young people across the United Kingdom.

Reimagining Crisis Response with Mental Health Research to Support Vulnerable Youth

This compelling insight underscored the urgent imperative to reimagine and revitalize the mechanisms through which mental health crises are addressed, particularly in the context of providing timely and empathetic support to vulnerable youth populations. Against this backdrop of pressing need and societal demand for transformative change, the study emerges as a beacon of hope and progress.

Through its rigorous and methodical inquiry, it endeavors to unravel the intricacies of the joint response service, shedding light on its potential to effect meaningful improvements in the lives of those grappling with mental health challenges. By delving into the nuances of service delivery, the study seeks to discern the optimal pathways for facilitating timely interventions and cultivating environments of compassion and understanding.

Moreover, the study’s comprehensive scope extends beyond mere evaluation, encompassing a multifaceted approach to mental health research and inquiry. In addition to assessing the effectiveness of the joint response service, the study endeavors to solicit and amplify the voices of those directly impacted by its implementation – namely, young people and their families. Through a series of structured engagements and qualitative assessments, the study aims to glean invaluable insights into the lived experiences and perceptions of individuals interfacing with the mental health care system during moments of crisis.

Mental Health Research

Innovative Mental Health Research: Engaging Youth Through Creative Workshops

The study embraces a spirit of innovation and creativity through its collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders. In particular, the inclusion of creative workshops facilitated by Made By Mortals, a renowned participatory arts organization, represents a novel and immersive approach to engaging with young people. By harnessing the power of immersive theater and co-production methodologies, these workshops provide a dynamic platform for young individuals to share their perspectives and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding mental health care provision.

In essence, the study stands as a testament to the collective resolve and determination to effect positive change in the realm of mental health care. Through its unwavering commitment to inquiry, collaboration, and innovation, it seeks to chart a path toward a future where young people experiencing mental health crises receive the support and compassion they deserve.

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Dr. Sarah Parry, the study’s chief investigator from Pennine Care NHS Foundation, underscores the potential of this joint response model to improve outcomes for young people in crisis. Drawing on the success observed in a similar program for adults in Greater Manchester, the study seeks to gauge the perspectives of young people and their families regarding this innovative approach.

Comprehensive Mental Health Research Initiative Engages Youth and Families for Crisis Care Improvements

The research will encompass various aspects, including soliciting feedback from families and young individuals, exploring the operational feasibility of children’s services, and generating valuable insights to inform future crisis care planning. Maria Caulfield, Minister for Mental Health, lauds the initiative, emphasizing the importance of ensuring robust support systems for individuals facing mental health crises, particularly young people.

A noteworthy aspect of the project involves incorporating creative workshops, facilitated by the participatory arts organization Made By Mortals, to engage with young people. Through immersive theatre and co-production initiatives, these workshops aim to elucidate the lived experiences of young individuals and foster meaningful discussions on necessary changes and commitments. By adopting a realist mental health research approach, the project recognizes the inherent complexity of the intervention and seeks to understand its impact in diverse contexts. Dr. Geoff Wong, Associate Professor at the University of Oxford, underscores the importance of comprehensively evaluating the intervention’s effectiveness across various settings and circumstances.

Led by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s young people’s mental health research center, the study involves collaboration with key stakeholders, including Greater Manchester Police, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford, Lancaster University, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.


Resource: National İnstitute for Health and Care Research, May 15, 2024

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