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Mindcare: Nadcell Mindcare Limited – Independent Healthcare Inspection Report

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Mindcare advancements were evaluated as Healthcare Improvement Scotland conducted an announced inspection of Nadcell Mindcare Limited, an independent clinic in Glasgow providing non-surgical treatments, on March 5, 2024. The inspection aimed to ensure the service was person-centred, safe, and well-led, evaluating it against the National Health Services (Scotland) Act 1978, related regulations, and Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Quality Assurance Framework. The inspection team included an inspector, a pharmacist, and an expert advisor.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland, as the regulator of independent healthcare services in Scotland, conducts risk-based and intelligence-led inspections to ensure services meet required standards. This inspection focused on Nadcell Mindcare Limited’s vision, leadership, stakeholder engagement, performance management, and patient care quality.

Mind Care Inspection: Team Engages with Service Manager and Patients at Nadcell Mindcare Limited

During the inspection, the team spoke with the service manager (practitioner) and received feedback from five patients through an online survey issued before the inspection. The expert advisor engaged with key staff members to gather insights into their areas of expertise.

The inspection evaluated how clearly the service’s vision and purpose were articulated and how supportive its leadership and culture were. Nadcell Mindcare Limited displayed its aims on its website, but the inspection noted the need for clear and measurable objectives to assess these aims effectively.

Nadcell Mindcare Limited actively engaged with patients and sought feedback in various ways, sharing this feedback with patients. Clinical governance systems and processes were in place. The service offered psychosocial-based therapies, signposting to support groups, and appropriate referral routes to promote patient recovery and prevent relapse. However, treatment costs should be documented in patient care records, and the clinical audit program should be further developed to include processes for controlled drugs and treatment effectiveness. Validated tools should be used to provide a structured approach to follow-up.

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Mind Care Review: Clean Facility at Nadcell Mindcare, Needs Better Patient Records and Protocols

The environment at Nadcell Mindcare Limited was clean and well-equipped. Patients reported that staff were knowledgeable and experienced. However, the practitioner must have access to relevant information from patients’ primary healthcare records before prescribing controlled drugs, and this information must be shared with the patient’s GP following treatment. Medical weight loss management guidance must be followed, and patient care records should be fully completed with treatment plans and clinical rationale documented.

  • Direction: Satisfactory
  • Implementation and Delivery: Satisfactory
  • Results: Unsatisfactory

Grades may change after the inspection due to other regulatory activities, such as enforcement actions to improve the service or investigations into complaints.

The inspection of Nadcell Mindcare Limited highlighted both strengths and areas for improvement. The service’s engagement with patients and its clinical governance were satisfactory, but there were significant concerns regarding patient care record-keeping and the integration of patient information from primary healthcare records. Moving forward, the service should focus on developing clear and measurable objectives, documenting treatment costs, expanding the clinical audit program, and ensuring comprehensive patient care records to provide safe, person-centred care.

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Healthcare Improvement Scotland will continue to monitor Nadcell Mindcare Limited and provide guidance to ensure it meets the required standards and improves its service delivery for the benefit of its patients.

Resource: Healthcare İmprovement Scotland, May 27, 2024

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