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New WHO Guidance on Ethics and Governance of AI in Healthcare

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced the release of new guidance on the ethics and governance of large multi-modal models (LMMs) in healthcare. This is an exciting development as LMMs represent a form of generative AI technology with the potential to bring about significant changes in neurological treatment and neuroscience.

The use of this advanced technology can revolutionize healthcare, offering numerous benefits. However, it also comes with certain risks that need to be carefully managed. The new guidance from WHO is expected to address these concerns and provide clear directions on how to use LMMs in a way that is both ethical and effective.

Harnessing LMMs in Healthcare: Ethical Guidelines for a New Frontier

The potential of LMMs in healthcare is vast. It opens up new avenues in the treatment of neurological disorders and the study of neuroscience. It can enable healthcare professionals to make more accurate diagnoses, provide more effective treatment, and improve patient outcomes.

However, the use of such advanced AI technology also poses certain risks. These include issues of privacy and data security, the potential for misuse, and the need for accountability and transparency in its use. These risks must be adequately addressed to ensure the ethical use of this technology.

The new guidance from WHO is aimed at providing a framework for the ethical use of LMMs in healthcare. It offers recommendations on how to manage the risks associated with this technology and provides guidelines on transparency, accountability, and data privacy.


WHO’s Guidance on Ethical AI in Healthcare: Paving the Way for a Revolutionary Future

The release of this guidance is a significant step forward in the ethical use of AI in healthcare. It underscores the need for careful governance of this technology to ensure its potential benefits are realized, while also addressing the risks and ethical concerns associated with its use.

The importance of the ethical use of AI in healthcare is underscored by the release of this new guidance from WHO. It provides a much-needed framework for managing the risks and harnessing the benefits of large multi-modal models, paving the way for a revolution in neurological treatment and neuroscience.

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